Shakespeare in Performance

Shakespeare in Performance






One year with the opportunity for renewal up to four years

Scholarship Purpose


·     Declare and pursue the Shakespeare in Performance minor.

·     Yearly renewal of the scholarship based on a performance evaluation by Dr. Travis Curtright.

·     Audition for plays every year.

Selection Process

  1.   Complete the SIP scholarship questionnaire.
  2.   At the end of the questionnaire, you will be asked to upload the following:
  • A headshot (.png file)
  • A 300-word statement of intent (pdf). This should explain your background and why SIP is the next step for you.
  • One letter of recommendation (pdf) from a teacher or mentor, preferably one who can speak about your theatrical background.
  1.   Complete an audition. The questionnaire will ask you to select either an on-campus or a video audition. If you select “on-campus,” someone will contact you to schedule the audition. If you select the video option, please prepare a 10-14 line monologue from a Shakespeare play and record your performance at the end of the questionnaire.


Other Details

When your application is complete, it will be reviewed. After review of your application, you may also be asked to submit a song audition. With questions about the application, please contact Audrey Austin at you!