Ave Maria University is committed to providing a liberal arts curriculum based on Catholic principles and thought. We strive to enlighten students intellectually and spiritually, to prepare them for a life well lived. Read our full mission statement below.


Founded in fidelity to Christ and His Church in response to the call of Vatican II for greater lay witness in contemporary society, Ave Maria University exists to further teaching, research, and learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the abiding tradition of Catholic thought in both national and international settings.

The University takes as its mission the sponsorship of a liberal arts education curriculum dedicated, as articulated in the apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae, to the advancement of human culture, the promotion of dialogue between faith and reason, the formation of men and women in the intellectual and moral virtues of the Catholic faith, and to the development of professional and pre-professional programs in response to local and societal needs.

As an institution committed to Catholic principles, the University recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining an environment in which faith informs the life of the community and takes expression in all its programs. The University recognizes the central and indispensable role of the Ordinary of the Diocese of Venice in promoting and assisting in the preservation and strengthening of the University’s Catholic identity.


By emphasizing the dignity of the human person, our faculty and students view subjects through a Catholic lens. Together, they seek the truths that can better society and glorify God. Our graduates step into the world confident in their skills and their Catholic Faith. Check out the majors and minors available at Ave Maria University and choose your path to success.


The sunny atmosphere of our Southwest Florida campus is matched only by the welcoming nature of our faculty, administration and students. You’ll find beautiful locations to study, pray and recreate. See for yourself what makes Ave Maria University the right place to discover your calling.