Pursuit of an undergraduate degree in liberal arts at Ave Maria University prepares students for a fulfilling and successful career and creates the foundation for a lifelong vocation. In addition to the opportunity for an incredibly rich college experience at an exceptional price, students who choose AMU also learn to become joyful, intentional followers of Jesus Christ. Discover the unrivaled combination of education and growth offered by AMU through our many degrees.

Undergraduate Programs

Formation at Ave Maria University includes discerning God’s calling and growing to fulfill that in every aspect of your life. With more than 33 undergraduate majors and 31 minors, AMU will help you develop a love for learning in a faith-based environment. Find the ideal major or minor just right for you, and start the most rewarding academic journey of your life!

Professors Who Care

A Nurturing Learning Environment

At AMU, professors are known for being passionate about their subjects and for creating a classroom setting that students really enjoy. Among our full-time teaching faculty, 92% hold an advanced degree. More than 95% are practicing Catholics faithful to the Church’s teaching. Our faculty members are among the highest-rated by students anywhere in the world!

Core Curriculum

Liberal Arts to the Core

The foundation of learning at Ave Maria University centers around a liberal arts core. Our curriculum molds students into lifelong learners and critical thinkers; prepares them for success in the workplace; and, coupled with a strongly Catholic foundation, encourages them to follow God’s calling in all they do.

“I think that one of the most beautiful things about Ave Maria is the sincere love that many of the professors have for their students as well as for their research.”