Commencement Keynote Highlights Featuring Best-Selling Author Patrick Lencioni

In the keynote address, Patrick Lencioni encouraged the graduates to always prioritize their relationship with Christ first, and not let the pressures of the world keep them from doing so. “Whether a bird is tied down by a chain or a string, it does not matter because either way it cannot fly… I know this because I did it myself. I was unhappy because my treasure was here on Earth, not with God.” With his words of guidance, he sent the class of 2023 with marching orders to take their faith into the world, letting the Lord take them where He needs them to be, saying, “Please have the courage to go into that world and stand firm in the Truth of Christ. Wake up and announce to the Lord that you want only what He wants. Ask Him to protect you. Nothing is worth more than eternal joy… choose Him every day.”