Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Roberts

Name: Dustin Roberts

AMU Class: 2017 (Undergraduate) & 2021 (MBA)

Current Role: Family Office and Private Trust Accounting


Q. What have you done since graduating from AMU?

I started a career in corporate accounting. I got married to Alumni Kelsey (Mosier) Roberts. We have 3 kids. I currently work in family office and private trust accounting.

Q. How did AMU prepare you for success after college?

AMU allowed me to exercise time management, along with critical thinking skills.

Q. What is the most important lesson you learned in your time at AMU?

Never stop learning, always strive for growth!

Q. What is one of the fondest memories from your time at AMU?

Meeting my wife, playing on the football team, and meeting some of my best friends still to this day.

Q. What is your advice to current AMU students, and to those thinking about attending AMU?

Take advantage of the resources around you. Ave Maria is an amazing place. There are people with many different backgrounds to learn and grow up with. Always ask questions. Every question is worth asking.

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