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Our Business Administration program combines broad education and specialized business knowledge to help you find meaningful work after graduation or progress to more advanced business studies. You’ll benefit from our small class sizes, professors with real-world business experience, and access to mentorships, internships and career opportunities.

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Our Business Administration program combines broad education and specialized business knowledge to help you find meaningful work after graduation or progress to more advanced business studies. You’ll benefit from our small class sizes, professors with real-world business experience, and access to mentorships, internships and career opportunities.

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Skills You will Gain

1. Interpersonal skills. Learn how to effectively communicate your ideas to your colleagues and connect on a personal level with clients or customers. Develop the confidence to overcome obstacles and keep everyone focused on the endgame.

2. Research and critical thinking skills. Master problem-solving skills that will help you meet the challenges of running a business. Learn from the great business minds of the past and apply their insights to take your business to the next level.

3. A theological perspective. Business is not just about making money; it’s about exercising the creative power God has given us. Learn what God has to say about money and work while integrating your business ventures with your spiritual life.

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  1. Our alumni work in all areas of business: analysis, sales, consulting, management, logistics, accounting, information systems, sports, healthcare.  Many have gone on to graduate study in business, law, and other areas.
  2. We offer a Major and a Minor in Business Administration, a Major and a Minor in Accounting, a Major in Finance, and a Major in Global Affairs and International Business.
  3. We have a close relationship with the Career Services Department.  Jointly we run a Corporate Internship program, through which students are placed in internships that are overseen by our faculty.
  4. Our professors have multiple, advanced degrees in management, accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and law.
  5. The top 20% of business juniors and seniors are qualified for membership in Sigma Beta Delta, the business honor society.


Ave Maria University is fortunate to be connected to a strong, nationally-recognized network of business managers and CEOs who are looking for the skills and the virtues that characterize Ave Maria students.  We are very active in developing our students’ career potential, connecting them with suitable internships, and ensuring their success.

Business administration majors are highly employable.  The best projections suggest strong growth in both pay and availability of jobs in business.  Business majors work as market research analysts, operation research analysts, accountants, financial advisors, business operations managers, marketing or financial managers, event planners, compliance officers, human resources managers, sales managers, insurance agents, loan officers, etc., in every industry and walk of life.

There is strong competition for good positions in business.  To be competitive, the best business majors distinguish themselves with academic excellence, a second major in a complementary field, internship experience, excellent personal skills, analytical ability, courage, responsibility, moderation, and judgment.

The Business Honor Society Sigma Beta Delta has a chapter at Ave Maria University, to which the top twenty percent of juniors and seniors are admitted.


Typical Order of Required Courses for the Major

BUSN 201 Principled Entrepreneurship

ACCT 201 Financial Accounting

ACCT 202 Managerial Accounting

ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics

STAT 230 Applied Statistics

FINC 201 Fundamentals of Finance

MKTG 200 Marketing

BUSN 303 Management and Ethics

BUSN 340 Business Law I

BUSN 368 Quantitative Business Analysis

BUSN 490 Strategic Management/Business Capstone

Minor in Business Administration

The Minor in Business Administration is aimed toward those students who want to major in a liberal arts discipline while also desiring exposure to practical skills and opportunities associated with the study of business. The minor offers intensive coursework and provides students with opportunities to gain practical experience, career guidance, and mentoring. Students must complete ACCT 201, BUSN 303, ECON 201, ECON 202, and two Business Electives.


The Business Administration program seeks to make it possible for students to master the requirements – in broad education and in specialized knowledge – to find immediately meaningful work and/or to attend critically a graduate business school program. Basic tools and concepts, theories, and analytical techniques are readily learned. What is harder to imitate – and, therefore, more valuable in the business environment – are communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to weave together and make use of different kinds of knowledge. The Business Administration program intends to open to students the possibility to internalize those skills and ability through an uncompromisingly excellent classroom teaching that emphasizes the integration of the business disciplines and prudential decision making.

Business Administration addresses the complex phenomenon of acting persons engaged in business transactions. Decisions made during those business transactions are always based on value judgments that rely upon non-systematic information available and upon the purpose of the inter-acting persons. The personal characteristics of the business person, the individual knowledge, skills and abilities are precisely what makes the difference between good and bad decisions. The acquired habit of weighing the qualitative and quantitative factors involved in the business oriented personal interaction is the cornerstone of the business craft.

Students intending to major in Business Administration will proceed through the normal sequence of the Core Curriculum. The program in Business Administration holds the conviction that students need a broad foundation in the moral dimension of human history, activity, and political life in order to carry out successfully the practice of business. The Core thus serves as the necessary foundation for the major in Business Administration.





Business Administration


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