Mary's marines

Mary’s Marines commit to spend 15-60 minutes each day in front of the tabernacle or monstrance in any of our chapels on Campus or the Parish Church.

Listen to Ave Maria University President Mark Middendorf on The Drew Mariani Show discussing Mary's Marines.

"Doing a holy hour everyday has completely changed my life. By going to visit Our Lord in the blessed sacrament, my relationship and friendship with Jesus has deepened beyond anything I could have done outside of His presence. It's where I get my peace, it's where I hand Him ALL my worries or cares, it's where I've made my friends, it's where I've found my jobs, a place to live, it's where I learned to love, it's where I've been loved, it's where I'm formed, and it's where I'm truly happy. Ever since joining the Marian Marines, I've found that I'd be a complete mess everyday if I didn't get time with Our Lord!"



"My daily visits in Adoration are like a breath of fresh air, visiting the Lord throughout the business of my day. I like to stop in whenever I pass by the chapel to remind myself of his continual and steady presence in my life. I feel so loved and seen, the charisms the nun is praying for me are so beautiful and I pray with them. I pray often for the nun who spiritually adopted me, it's beautiful to know I have someone who is a partner in prayer in this way. I usually pray and journal in my bible. I want to practice more lectio divine and the Bible in a Year is a beautiful daily reflection for this."



"I can confidently say that my life has radically changed and continues to change as a result of being immersed in the graces of Eucharistic adoration. The thought of having a spiritual mother interceding for me every day is one that is very consoling. It is a great gift to have a bride of Christ lifting you up in her intentions to her Beloved spouse. The Bible in a Year was immensely helpful in guiding me through incorporating daily Scripture in my prayer life. It played a key part in unveiling my need for God's Word in my day-to-day life. I really enjoyed seeing all of the parts of the Old and New Testament fall into place like one big love story."



"My daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament really help me live to the fullest. In fact, my whole day is based off that time. The more I’m with Him and Our Blessed Mother, the more I realize I actually can’t live without Them. And realizing that fosters a very intimate and strong relationship between my heart and Theirs. Now, I cannot imagine living a day without having visited God. What would be the point in that?! Plus, it’s the least I could do for Him!"


Computer Science

"My daily visits in Adoration have been so fruitful and have enhanced my spiritual life so much; my day is much more meaningful and fuller of virtue when I visit the chapel daily. It has helped strengthen of my armor of Christ, and my while my spiritual battles have grown stronger, so has my faith. I really feel God pushing me to greater limits of my faith, and now giving me more opportunities to grow now that I have allowed the door of my heart to open fully to Him."



"Adoration has been an amazing opportunity for me to spend time with the Lord. It is with Him that I feel encouraged to do good things. Without regular chapel visits,  I tend to fall more often than when I spend time with Him consistently. Having a Sister pray for me helps me a lot more than I know I realize. At the retreat this past weekend, I realized, probably for the first time in my life, the incredible power of prayer. I am very grateful for the Sister who is praying for me!"


Elementary Education

"My daily visits mean everything to me.  Mary’s Marines has given me the motivation to stay disciplined in daily adoration. Through Mary’s Marines, my relationship with Jesus has grown drastically. I went from living in NY and only having access to Adoration at most once a week, to having Him on campus 24/7. It is truly such a blessing. It brings me great peace to know a sister is praying for me. Contemplative prayer is the root of the Church. Without the Communion of Saints interceding for us, our life would not be full of nearly as many graces."




A leather-bound Bible in a Year, so you can read the Word of God during this time

A copy of the book The Shadow of His Wings, the inspiring story of a German seminarian who became a priest after being commissioned into Hitler’s army

Special events for you as one of Mary’s Marines

A religious sister who is matched with you one-on-one to pray for you by name (based on availability)

A Mass offered for your intentions