A core curriculum is a fixed set of courses which form the “core”—the “heart”—of a college degree. They are the courses which ensure that you get a broad, general education at the college level.

Ave Maria University is deservedly proud of its Core Curriculum. The Core offers guidance to our students by requiring them to take specific courses in the great tradition of the liberal arts. In these carefully selected courses, our students share together in the discovery of truth and acquire the indispensable foundation for a lifetime of learning. Moreover, since the Core Curriculum comprises one-half of the overall education, the students not only achieve breadth of knowledge, but also depth of knowledge. Since each discipline views reality from its distinct perspective, students encounter the truth about God and His creation more completely through the dynamic interplay of all of the liberal arts including theology and natural science.

“To be a citizen requires formation, and it requires hard work. How many people do you know that are citizens in that respect?  Thank God for places like Ave Maria.”
Mary Ann Glendon, Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard University