Students Represent Ave at Princeton

This past weekend from October 27-29, six Ave Maria University students represented the University and attended the Sexuality, Integrity, and the University conference by the Love and Fidelity Network at Princeton University. Two of these students, Sarah Gardy and Ariel Aguilar, represented the Anscombe Society and the other four, Clare Littleton, Adrienne Conley, Brenna Nelson, and Christina VonTersch, represented the University’s newspaper, the Gyrene Gazzette.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the SIU conference at Princeton which aims to unite a variety of students, specialists, and intellectuals from all over the country to prepare leaders who can stand up for the traditional values of marriage, family, and sexual integrity in a society that no longer treasures these values. Campus culture across the country is negatively influenced by a variety of factors, including some of the most threatening ones of all; ones which do not support the value of each and every life but rather, promote selfishness and immorality. The SIU conferences have been working hard to prepare students from across the country to return to their campuses and work to promote the value and sanctity of human life in all its forms. Societal influences are ferociously attacking the foundations of marriage and family life by supporting the hook-up culture which damages the Christian values that promote true respect for others, openness to life, and integrity. Students at the conference are motivated, educated, and inspired to become advocates for the truth and for love and fidelity.

Ave Maria University students had a tremendous opportunity at the Princeton conference to socialize with other students who are like-minded and driven, share similar values and goals, and encounter similar challenges in the world today. The last talk of the conference was given by Sherif Girgis, J.D., a research scholar of the Witherspoon Institute who presented concrete ways for students to move forward as honest witnesses for love and fidelity. One of his suggestions for a student who may encounter opposing views in his or her quest to spread the truth was to “act like a friend and care for the other unconditionally.” This suggestion embodies the strategy that the students will use while being proponents of love. In order to open up others’ minds and hearts, one must first open up one’s own. In a world where there are so few individuals partaking in the fight for life, it becomes a challenge to find ways to unite together to make a countercultural difference. The conference at Princeton aims to provide a solution to this challenge by allowing students who otherwise may never have encountered one another to meet and form connections that can serve to help them in the future.

The six women who represented Ave Maria University were given a brilliant chance to converse with and hear stories from students of Universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Catholic University of America, to name a few. This allowed the six Ave Maria students to view the problems campuses face as a whole with a more informed outlook equipped them to better understand some of the more prominent issues and ways in which like-minded students from these Universities have started to address campus trends that oppose love and fidelity and the traditional views on faith, marriage, and family life. Now, joining the ranks of two thousand other students who have attended this conference, the attendees of the 2017 Princeton Conference on Sexuality, Integrity, and the University are even more prepared to stand up for the values they hold dear. In the words of Sherif Girgis, J.D., “It is best never to begin an argument without sheer confidence, serenity, and love.”