Dining Services

The importance of community meals at Ave Maria University is held in the highest regard.  Enjoying meals with other students, faculty members, and staff is a way to build and form community.  Therefore, all residential students are required to participate in the meal plan.

Food Services, Inc., as the food service company for Ave Maria University, is committed to giving students, staff, faculty, and community members alike the most comprehensive dining experience while on the campus. Residence dining programs are designed to be healthy, flexible and interesting in meeting the ever changing needs of today’s students. Students will experience a food service program complemented with offerings from traditional favorites to foreign cuisine.   Food Services, Inc will offer a variety of healthy choice options, holiday theme dinners, and special event meals throughout the academic year.

Visitor Dining Options

Visitors to the university may dine at the St. Francis of Assisi Cafeteria and the Gyrene Café (Galley). The prices at the cafeteria are as follows:
Breakfast       $5.50*
Lunch             $6.50*
Dinner            $7.50*
*Plus applicable taxes, prices subject to change

Meal Plan Overview

The meal plan is a traditional 19 meals per week meal plan to be used in the cafeteria. (3 per weekday, 2 per day on the weekend)  In addition to the meals, $50 worth of flex dollars per semester will be added to each meal plan.   These flex dollars can be used in either the Cafeteria or in the Gyrene Galley (also know as the “Café”).  All flex dollar balances are lost at the end of each semester; under a “Use Them or Lose Them” policy.

Special Diets & Accommodations

Food Service, Inc will have the ability to serve most special dietary needs and is willing to work out menus on a case by case basis for those who require a special diet due to medical reasons. For further details, contact the Director of Dining Services.


The menu is designed by the Dining Services Director and the Executive Chef. This menu is updated every two weeks.


The catering department has experience meeting the food service needs for events large and small. Catering is committed to working with your budget to give you the best catering experience possible. Some events that catering has served include weddings, banquets, and various campus events. For further details, contact the Director of Dining Services.

The Cafeteria is located on the first floor of the Bob Thomas Student Union. The cafeteria features a grill, deli, salad bar, hot foods bar, pizza station, dessert station, coffee and soft drinks.

Hours of Operation during Academic Year

Monday – Friday:   
Continuous Service   7am – 7pm
Full Breakfast            7am – 9am      
Full Lunch                 11am – 2pm
Full Dinner                4:30pm – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:
Continuous Service   10am – 7pm
Full Brunch                10am – 2pm
Full Dinner                4-7pm pm

The Café is located on the the South End of the Bob Thomas Student Union. The Café features a burger grill, quesadillas, hot & cold sandwiches, nachos, smoothies and drinks. The most popular items at the Café are French vanilla cappuccinos, quesadillas, and Philly cheesesteaks.

In addition the Café contains a pool table, ping pong table, booth seating, and multiple televisions with lounge seating.

Hours of Operation during Academic Year

Monday – Friday       10am – 2am
Saturday – Sunday    6pm – 2am