Parking Policy

Parking on campus is limited. To register your vehicle on campus, you must complete the online parking form:


  • If you choose to park without a parking sticker, your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed at your own expense. Ave Maria University will not be held responsible for reimbursement.

Vehicle Parking Sticker Placement

Parking Brochure


Visitors are asked to obtain a temporary parking permit from the Visitor’s Center located at the corner of Ave Maria Blvd. and Annuncation Circle.  If the visitor’s center is not open, you may contact Security in order to request a temporary parking permit.  Please park in designated parking spaces only.

Parking Violations

If your car is ticketed, it may be towed within 48 hours for being illegally parked.  Please do not block entrances, driveways, or other access points with your vehicle.

Restricted Areas

Security and emergency vehicles only are permitted to drive on the pavers which run north and south through campus.  Please contact Security for special requests to drive on these pavers for drop-offs and pick-ups.  You may receive a ticket and your parking privileges may be revoked as a result of violating this policy.

If you have any questions or would like a further explanation of this policy, please feel free to email or call 239-280-2401. Thank you for your attention to these matters.