LiveSafe App



To Enable a culture of safety on campus through student and staff engagement.

What LiveSafe Can Do:

Report Tips: 

  • Share safety information with Safety & Security teams, as well as other designated partners.
  • Share location-tagged text, pictures, or videos to Security, HR, and Facilities

SafeWalk: Watch contacts on a real-time map as they walk to their destinations.

  1. Set destination (perfect for students traveling to and from campus)
  2. Select contacts to join your SafeWalk, either on standby or as active watchers
  3. Start walking! Bread crumbs show where you’ve been
  4. Smart alerts will be sent when:
    • the walker reaches his/her destination;
    • does not reach the destination in estimated time;
    • and if the data connection has been lost

Emergency Options:

  • Have quick access to emergency help, utilizing location data for the faster response.
  • Quickly access emergency phone numbers, which change dynamically to your location.

Resources: Access emergency procedures, outreach info, and other important safety content.

Broadcasts & Check-ins: Organizations can send notifications and check-in prompts to their people via multiple communication channels.

Security Escort Request: Request a security escort via a dashboard event or phone call

Safety Map: Find and get directions to nearby “safe places” and find organization buildings.