FAQ – Reports & Compliance

Where can I view the Jeanne Cleary Report?

You may view the University’s by clicking on the link below:

Jeane Cleary Report

Where can I get a Parking Permit?

You can apply and purchase a parking permit HERE.

If I commute, do I need a parking permit to park in the lots near the academic building?

Yes.  You need a parking permit in order to park in the campus parking lots.

What are the penalties for a parking violation?

Towing and/or fines

Where can I pay a parking ticket?

Bursar’s Office

Monday – Friday: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Email: AMUBursar@avemaria.edu
(239) 280-1673
On Campus Location:
Canizaro Library, Third Floor

What can I do as a student to help campus security keep us safe?

You can report any suspicious activity to security.  Stay alert.

What should I do if I get locked out of my room?

If you are locked out of your room, please notify your RA or the RD on call.  The RD will be able to help you to get into your room.

What should I do if I want to report something to security?

You can call security at 239-280-6289.  You can also submit an anonymous report, under Campus Safety. The anonymous report will allow us to contact you using the contact information you provide.  We encourage you to use the silent report as it is an effective means beginning an investigation process.

Should I lock my bike on campus?

The Security department encourages you to invest in a lock and to lock your bicycle to a bike rack in order to avoid having your bike taken either by mistake or maliciously.

Is there a hospital near Ave Maria?

Braden Clinic

Phone: (239) 867-4395
Fax: (239) 217-3662
5068 Annunciation Circle, Suite 111
Ave Maria, FL 34142

NCH North Naples Hospital

Phone: (239) 867-4395
Website: nchmd.org
11190 Health Park Blvd
Naples, Fl 34110

Is there a fire department near Ave Maria?

There is a fire facility which is operated 24/7 by Immokalee Fire Department.

Are there any regulations for visitors on campus?

AMU is an open campus, however, all visitors are required to check in at the Ave Maria University Visitor’s Center.

Are students allowed to possess firearms on campus?

No! No person is allowed to possess firearms or any weapons on AMU property according to federal law. Please view our weapons policy located in the Student Handbook.