Thomas Scheck, Ph.D.

Thomas Scheck, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology
(239) 280-1640

Associate Professor of Theology
Thomas Scheck has translated a number of biblical commentaries and sets of homilies by the Church Fathers, Origen, St. Jerome and St. Chromatius of Aquileia. He has published two books: Origen and the History of Justification, and Erasmus’s Life of Origen.

Education: B.A., Bible & Theology, Moody Bible Institute; M.Div., Bible & Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies: Religion, Classics & Philosophy, University of Iowa
Research Interests: Scripture, Patristics (Church Fathers); Origen, Jerome, Erasmus, Reformation
Classes taught: 
GERM 101/102  Elementary/Intermediate German
THEO 105/H Sacred Scripture Honors
THEO 205 Sacred Doctrine
THEO 250 Foundations of Catechesis
THEO 411 Advanced Scripture
THEO 415/595/630 Patristic Exegesis of St. Paul
THEO 490 Senior Seminar
THEO 501 Old Testament
THEO 595 Themes in Old Testament Theology
Office: Henkels 3027
Phone: (239) 280-1640
Curriculum Vitae: Download