“Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness.” -Mother Teresa


Welcome, and thank you for choosing Ave Maria University!  This email is your first step in preparing for your Spring Orientation in January.

To prepare for your arrival at AMU, it is imperative that you REGISTER FOR ORIENTATION and complete the REQUIRED HEALTH AND HOUSING FORMS.  Click on the links below to complete these.





ORIENTATION WEBSITE: http://www.avemaria.edu/orientation

The Main Orientation Website is your main source for all information about the Orientation weekend.  Please take the time to carefully view the “FAQ” section and the “What To Bring” section of the site.  These are invaluable resources as you prepare to come to campus.

*NOTE FOR COMMUTERS:  All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus unless they are 23 or older, married or living with a parent/guardian within a 40-mile radius of campus.  If you meet any of these criteria and plan to live off-campus, you must register as a commuter student. Contact Residence Life at residencelife@avemaria.edu to receive a separate Commuter Registration Form via email.


THE WEEKEND – January 6th– 7th, 2017

The Orientation Weekend is our way of transitioning you into your new life as a student here at AMU.  To participate, we need you to register.  This will give us the necessary information that we need to prepare for you and your family.

Orientation SPRING 2017 begins on Friday, January 6, 2017, and runs through Saturday, January 7, 2017. Please note that you are permitted to move on to campus no earlier than FridayJanuary 6th at 9:00 am.


When you arrive with your family on campus, we spend most of the first day taking care of your paperwork and moving you into your dorms.  But the paperwork comes first.  You cannot move into the dorms until you go through the Check-In process.

This is the process by which we make sure you have your tuition bill cleared, your financial aid set up, your housing paperwork checked, your email verified, your picture taken, your mailbox assigned, and your Student ID issued.  Sounds like a lot, right?  Well, the good news is that you can avoid a lot of waiting by getting completing these items in advance of your arrival:

  1. Registering for Orientation (listed above)
  2. Completing all the required Housing and Health Forms (listed above).
  3. Being cleared by the Business Office and Financial Aid. (Basically, having your bills paid or your payment plans made – in advance)
  4. Completing your Title IX Training (this is required by federal law and must be completed before you arrive on campus. It takes about 45 minutes to view the videos and complete)  The link to the training is on the Orientation website here.

We will check to make sure these things are complete before we move you into your dorms.  Again, any work done in advance will save you tons of time.


Once you are all finished with the Check-In process, you are free to head over to your dorm and get moved in!  We will have Orientation Team members to direct you to where you need to go and where to unload your stuff.  Just follow the staff and their directions and you will be fine.

After moving in, you have most of the day free to get your room in order.  You can refer to the Orientation Schedule for the rest of the details for the first day, such as the BBQ Dinner in the Student Union.



All students are required to download and complete the Immunization Record Form.  If you wish, there is an “opt out” option on the form, but the form must be completed and returned to us using the UPLOAD feature on the website.

All students are required to download and complete this Confidential Health Record Form.  This will ensure that your health needs are well taken care of during your time on campus.  NOTE: While students are not required by the University to have health insurance, students may wish to include this information in case of emergency.


We prefer that you use the DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD feature to submit these forms directly to our secure servers.

Although it is not the preferred method, if necessary you can mail them to the following address:

AMU Division of Student Affairs
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, FL 34142
fax: (239) 304-7034


To register for on-campus housing, complete the application with the link supplied above to complete your Housing Contract and roommate request. While every effort is made to honor mutual roommate requests, they are not guaranteed. Room and roommate assignments will be communicated via email before your arrival.


All colleges and universities are required by the federal government to educate their students on the sexual harassment and sexual violence policies of the University.  That being said, while we may be required to do this presentation, everything we do here is framed by our faith and Catholic tradition.  As a Catholic college devoted to upholding human dignity, we strive to create a college atmosphere that encourages service to the common good, respect for the individual, and virtuous friendships.  The following presentation provides helpful content on Ave Maria’s expectations for how you can have healthy relationships and care for others that are consistent with our values.  It will also help you understand our policies regarding sexual misconduct, strategies you can use to keep each other safe and procedures and practices the college has in place to help if you believe you’re a victim of sexual violence.

Please take the time to complete this.  The presentation will take about 40 minutes to complete.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this presentation.


The official orientation information email is orientation@avemaria.edu.  Please use this email as your main source of communication with us.  As we prepare for your arrival, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we look forward to your entry into the AMU family!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Division of Student Affairs at (239) 280-2540.

Martin Doman
Director of Student Engagement & Operations
Ave Maria University
5050 Ave Maria Boulevard
Ave Maria, FL 34142
(p) 239-280-2513
(f) 239-304-7034