Hurricane Dorian Updates

#4 – 9/1/2019 – 12:45 pm – Classes Begin Tomorrow

The University continues to monitor Hurricane Dorian.  All current forecasts, including those of the National Weather Service, predict that the storm will pass a safe distance from our campus.  Should these forecasts change, the University will be in immediate contact with you.  

Classes begin tomorrow.  All area airports have been open all week, and all ground transportation to and from campus is operating as normal.  The University is not aware of any gas availability issues that would impede travel to or from Ave Maria.  Therefore, all registered students are expected to attend their regularly-scheduled classes.  Any student with extraordinary circumstances preventing his or her timely arrival on campus should contact the University’s Office of Academic Affairs to secure an excused absence from classes on Monday and Tuesday.

We look forward to a great semester!  Please keep in your prayers all of those living in the path of Hurricane Dorian.  

#3 – 8/31/2019 – 2:00 pm – Hurricane Dorian Update

Good Afternoon,

At this time with the change of course which the storm has taken, classes will begin as scheduled on Monday. Have a wonderful Saturday!

#2 – 8/30/2019 – 12:30 pm – Hurricane Dorian Update

Good afternoon!

The University continues to monitor Hurricane Dorian.  Because the storm’s forward speed has lessened, Dorian is not expected to make landfall on the east coast of Florida until early Tuesday.  In the meantime, the University is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of students housed on campus.

Classes are expected to begin as scheduled on Monday. 

Please continue to monitor the AMU web site, your email, or LiveSafe app for all University communications related to Dorian.  The next Dorian update will be on Saturday at 6PM. 

AMU administrative offices will be open tomorrow from 9AM-1PM.  Take advantage of these hours to get parking passes, IT passwords, mailbox keys, bills paid, financial aid issues resolved, and other outstanding matters settled prior to the commencement of classes.  Returning students are asked to check-in at the Bob Thomas Student Union during these hours.  Please let your Residence Hall Director know when you have arrived on campus so that the University can maintain an accurate census. 

The University community remains united in prayer and resolved to deal with any Dorian-related issues in the days ahead. Have a great weekend!

#1 – 8/29/2019 – 12:00 pm – Special Message Regarding Hurricane Dorian

Ave Maria University is monitoring Hurricane Dorian’s projected path and remains confident that the threat of a significant weather event on our campus remains unlikely.  The University is fortunate that Dorian is not approaching Florida on its Gulf coast side, and that the storm’s projected landfall appears to be over 200 hundreds miles away.

However, the University is concerned about the travel challenges students and their families may face in getting to and from our campus this weekend as congestion on Florida’s interstates and roads (and the availability of gasoline to refuel) become issues.  Flight schedules, too, may change as airports prepare for Dorian’s approach. 

Current forecasts tell us that Dorian is not expected to make landfall in Florida until Monday morning.  However, mandatory evacuation orders are expected along the Southeastern coast in the near future which will affect transportation routes and gas availability.  Travelers are urged to monitor traffic radar and exercise prudence in mapping and timing their travel.

Because of Dorian’s approach, the University is altering its check-in schedule to accommodate upper-class students who may wish to return to campus early.  Any student who wishes to come ahead of schedule may do so at any time after 3PM today.  Upon arrival on campus, please report to the Bob Thomas Student Union and follow check-in procedures.  Returning students arriving after business hours on Thursday or Friday should report to their residence halls.

Classes are expected to begin as scheduled on Monday.  For those whose arrival on campus may be delayed by Dorian, the AMU faculty will work to ensure that they are not disadvantaged because of class absence necessitated by this weather event. 

Please monitor the AMU web site or LiveSafe app for all University communications related to Dorian.  The next update will be on Friday at noon.  And please pray for our students, their families, and all those who will be affected by Dorian. 

Thank you.