AMU Hosts Religious Liberty Conference

Ave Maria University hosted an all-day conference in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican II’s document on religious liberty. The event featured internationally known academic scholars, including Thomas Pink (King’s College London), David L. Schindler (Pontifical John Paul II Institute), William McCormick, S.J. (Fordham),  Gabrielle Girgis (Princeton), Michael Breidenbach (Ave Maria), Joseph Trabbic (Ave Maria), and Steven Long (Ave Maria). Commentators included Ave Maria University faculty Michael Pakaluk, Fr. Matthew Lamb, Michael Novak and Seana Sugrue. The conference provided an opportunity for students, faculty, and scholars to discuss Dignitatis Humanae (“Of the Dignity of the Human Person”) and to learn more about the Church’s role with the State.

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