Transfer of Credit Policy

Credit earned at other, accredited, post-secondary institutions can be applied to Ave Maria University requirements, provided the student earned at least a “C-” in each course proposed for transfer. When students from other institutions apply to Ave Maria University their official transcripts should be sent to the Office of Admissions. Upon acceptance, unless otherwise desired in advance, Admissions will send their transcripts and a course catalogue and/or course syllabi to the Office of Academic Records for evaluation. Transfer coursework is evaluated for correspondence with Ave Maria University courses and applied towards the student’s program of studies.

“Total accepted transfer hours are shown on the transcript. Neither transfer credit hours nor grades are used in calculating cumulative grade point averages. Transfer students must be in residence for their final year and complete at least 32 credit hours of coursework at Ave Maria University in order to earn a degree from this institution. ” (taken from the Ave Maria University Academic Catalogue, Academic Policies section.)

IB and AICE credits are accepted by Ave Maria University. In order to earn major specific or core class credit, students must earn a 4 for HL IB or a 5 for SL IB. For AICE, a score of a d is required. For general elective credit, a score of a 3 for HL IB or a 4 for SL IB will be accepted; a score of an e for AICE is required. Before reviewing any IB or AICE classes, Ave Maria will need syllabi for the corresponding courses and the official score report.

Questions concerning this policy may be directed to the Office of Academic Records by email, telephone (239) 280-2565.