March 16, 2023

Recap: Dr. Edward Sri hosts a Theology on Tap talk titled “The Art of Living”

AMU Communications

On Wednesday, March 15th, Ave Maria University had the honor of hosting Dr. Edward Sri for a Theology on Tap talk titled “The Art of Living.” The event was held on campus and drew a large crowd of students and community members who were eager to hear what Dr. Sri had to say.

Dr. Sri is a well-known theologian, speaker, and author who has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of the Catholic Church. In his talk, he focused on the importance of virtue in our lives and how our practice of virtue affects everything we do. He also discussed the church’s teachings on virtue and love, and the relationship between the two.

Dr. Sri began his talk by emphasizing the need to pass down knowledge from one generation to the next. He used the example of playing the piano, explaining that no one can simply walk into a piano room and “figure out” how to play. Instead, they need a teacher to guide them. He then went on to talk about the importance of virtue, and how the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance) should guide everyone’s life.

One of the most powerful messages of Dr. Sri’s talk was the idea that struggling with virtue is not a personal problem. Our lack of virtue affects the people around us, and we must work to cultivate it in order to be a positive influence on those around us. He emphasized that anyone can say the words “I love you,” but only those who possess virtue can actually love. He explained the Church’s definition of love, which is to will the good of the other, and the definition of virtue, which is the habitual and firm disposition to do the good.

Dr. Sri also talked about the Catholic Church’s three ways to grow in virtue: education, deliberate acts, and perseverance in struggle. He explained that we must constantly educate ourselves on what it means to be virtuous, and then deliberately practice virtuous acts. He also emphasized the importance of perseverance, noting that growing in virtue is a lifelong process that requires patience and dedication.

He shared a powerful analogy that has stuck with many attendees. He explained that in London, there are signs all over the subway that read “Mind the Gap.” This is because there is a gap between the train and the platform that commuters must be mindful of before stepping on or off the train. Dr. Sri used this as an analogy for the gaps in our lives where we struggle with virtue.

He explained that there are gaps between friends, family, coworkers, and God, and it is in these gaps where we often struggle to cultivate virtue. For example, the gap between friends might be our tendency to gossip or speak ill of others. The gap between family members might be a lack of forgiveness or patience. The gap between coworkers might be a tendency to compete or put others down. And the gap between ourselves and God might be a lack of trust or faith.

Dr. Sri’s analogy is a powerful reminder that we must be mindful of the gaps in our lives in order to grow in virtue. We must recognize where we struggle and actively work to close those gaps through deliberate acts of virtue. This might involve seeking forgiveness, practicing gratitude, or cultivating habits of prayer and reflection. By mindfully tending to the gaps in our lives, we can become better versions of ourselves and more fully embrace the art of living.

Overall, Dr. Sri’s talk was a powerful reminder of the importance of virtue in our lives. His insights into the Church’s teachings on love and virtue were truly inspiring and left a lasting impact on all who attended. Ave Maria University was honored to have Dr. Sri as a guest speaker, and we look forward to welcoming more distinguished guests to our campus in the future.



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