Medieval Studies

Required Courses
LATN 101 Elementary Latin
HIST 201 The Formation of Europe c. 800-1648
PHIL 305 Medieval Philosophy
One course in Medieval Literature

Electives (8 credits)

MUSC 101 Gregorian Chant (1 credit)
MUSC 305 Heritage of Sacred Music
MUSC 312 Survey of Western Music History I (3 credits) HIST 362 The Crusades
HIST 375 The Viking World
HIST 324 Anglo-Saxon England
PHIL 403 Political Philosophy
PHIL 406 St. Augustine
PHIL 407 St. Thomas Aquinas
POLT 302 Catholic Political Thought
THEO 306 Catholic Spirituality
THEO 412 Mary, Mother of God
THEO 414 St. Thomas Aquinas

Other courses may be considered with the approval of the director, Dr. Mary Blanchard.

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