Environmental Science

enviornmental science

Required Courses
BIOL 105 Environmental Science I
BIOL 211 Biology I Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOL 212 Biology II Organismal and Population Biology
BIOL 220 Zoology or BIOL 230 Botany
BIOL 240 General Ecology (with laboratory) or BIOL 241 General Ecology (without laboratory)

1 of the following courses:
BIOL 106 Environmental Science II
BIOL 307 Marine Biology
BIOL 310 General and Chemical Oceanography BIOL 340 Conservation Biology
BIOL 402 Microbiological Ecology
BIOL 407 Marine Zoology
BIOL 408 Marine Botany
BIOL 438 Aquatic Ecology (with laboratory)

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