Mathematics – Program Requirements

Our programs in are tailored to the diverse constituencies within the University, from those students pursuing mathematics as a discipline or as an application to the quantitative sciences, to the general student population at large.

The Major Program in Mathematics

With a judicious choice of electives, majoring in mathematics can prepare a student for graduate school in mathematics, as well as for a wide range of careers, including science, engineering, medicine, business, government, and law.

The Minor Program in Mathematics

By minoring in mathematics, students majoring in another discipline can enhance their educational experience beyond the University core, increase their quantitative skills, learn some interesting mathematics, and explore how these might be applied to their major field of study.

The University Core in Mathematics

As part of the central experience shared by every student at the University, our participation in the core curriculum emphasizes the role of mathematics in the great tradition of the liberal arts, exposing them in a unique way to the discovery of truth and the indispensable foundations for a lifetime of learning.