Global Affairs & International Business

The last four decades have seen an enormous increase in the amount and the intensity of interaction across the globe.  Business is global.  Everyone is aware of the enormous impact that the rest of the world has on our daily lives.  Today, very few firms and corporations can afford to ignore what happens beyond the country’s borders.

What does this process of globalization mean?  How can we understand it?  How can we manage it?  Is it a force for good or for ill?  To the basic toolset of business, the major in International Business adds the principles, concepts, and ideas of a globalized world, opening up the world for you.

At Ave Maria, you will round out your education with rigorous study in the humanities and the sciences, standing on the shoulders of giants and learning the best that has been thought and said.  And you will have every encouragement to grow in your faith and to develop your sense of integrity, honor, and virtue, both in your classes and through business internships, mentoring and career guidance.

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The major in Global Affairs and International Business gives students the intellectual foundation to think about global interactions.  We know that we live in a “globalized” world, in which interactions with other countries are inescapable.  “Globalization” is not just a political phenomenon, or an economic phenomenon, or a cultural phenomenon: it affects the very fabric of our lives, and it does so in a million directions.  Not only do we need to know about it, we need to have the intellectual foundation with which to think about interactions that span the planet.  For this reason, a major like Global Affairs and International Business is an attractive complement to a solid liberal education.

While many schools may offer this kind of interdisciplinary major, what puts Ave Maria University in a position of strength is that we offer faculty in business, economics, and politics who not only have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the area but who also know each other very well and can help each other see these issues from many sides.  The Global Affairs and International Business major builds on and integrates a high-quality and rigorous curriculum in economics, politics, and business, helping students become careful thinkers and actors in the global society.

Our majors emphasize analytical thinking and tools: the intellectual equipment and critical skills needed to understand and excel in business and in most other human endeavors.  Ave Maria students have the unique fortune of building on a foundation of a liberal education, an education on the basic realities about God and the world, man and his relationship with God and nature.  Through our liberal arts curriculum, students learn that reality is coherent and intelligible and grow in the habit – in the essential business skill – of looking for patterns and seeing the sense in the apparent contradictions of the world that surrounds them.

We aim to inspire students to become business leaders inspired by Christian ideals and governed by Christian ideas.  Relying on the Catholic faith lived intensely on campus and on the general intellectual formation of the Core Curriculum, what animates the program is the Catholic view of the human person, his nature, and his ultimate destiny.  The distinctive character of the program is its belief in the dignity of the human person, in the reality and importance of the common good, in subsidiarity and solidarity, in ownership as stewardship, and in responsibility for the environment.  Because students learn to value human beings for what they are, not for what utility they bring, they are able to serve the Church and their society loyally and generously.


1.     Our alumni work in all areas of business: analysis, sales, consulting, management, logistics, accounting, information systems, sports, health care.  Many have gone on to graduate study in business, law, and other areas.

2.     The Department of Business offers a major and a minor in Business Administration, a major and a minor in Accounting, a major in Finance, and a major in Global Affairs and International Business.

3.     We have a close relationship with the Career Services Department.  Jointly we run a Corporate Internship program, through which students are placed in internships that are overseen by our faculty.

4.     Our professors have multiple, advanced degrees in management, accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and law.

5.     The top 20% of business juniors and seniors is qualified for membership in Sigma Beta Delta, the business honor society.

In addition to the core curriculum, global affairs majors take the following courses
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 230 Statistics for the Social Sciences
ECON 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 315 Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Life
POLT 205 International Relations
BUSN 301 Financial Accounting
BUSN 302 Managerial Accounting
BUSN 303 Management and Ethics
FINC 301 Fundamentals of Finance
BUSN 400 International Business

Elective Options (Choose One)
ECON 316 Markets, State, and Institutions
ECON 420 The Economics and Ethics of Development
ECON 421 Globalization and International Macroeconomics

See the Academic Catalog for course descriptions


Ave Maria University is fortunate to be connected to a strong, nationally-recognized network of business managers and CEOs who are looking for the skills and the virtues that characterize Ave Maria students.  We are very active in developing our students’ career potential, connecting them with suitable internships, and ensuring their success.



The Global Affairs and International Business major prepares you for careers that need people who are familiar with the workings of the world economy, with exchange rates and capital flows, with international risk assessment and converging economic development, with diversity in legal structures and the variety of cultures.  This means that the GAIB major will open up possibilities in three different areas:  businesses that operate across borders (export and import, outsourcing, multinationals); international financial institutions (banks, stock markets, multilateral lenders); and governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work in diplomacy, conflict resolution, and economic aid.



The Business Honor Society Sigma Beta Delta has a chapter at Ave Maria University, to which the top twenty percent of juniors and seniors are admitted.

Mary Hunt, Ph.D. (candidate)

Assistant Professor of Business & Psychology, Internship Coordinator
Education: B.A., Political Science & Spanish, Wellesley College; M.B.A., Marketing, Washington University; M.S., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology; Ph.D. (candidate), Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology
Office: Henkels 2030
Phone: (239) 304-7128

James Lantzy, D.A.

Adjunct instructor of Business 
Education:  B.S., Accounting, St. Francis University; M.A., Industrial Relations/Personnel Administration, St. Francis University; D.A., Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University

Gabriel Martinez, Ph.D.

Chair of Economics, Associate Professor of Business & Economics
Education: B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of South Carolina; M.A., Economics, University of Notre Dame; Ph.D., Economics, University of Notre Dame
Office: Henkels 2056
Phone: (239) 280-1611
Fax: (239) 280-1637
Curriculum Vitae: Download

Mr. Thomas Mathews

Associate Professor of Business
Education: M.B.A., Finance and Computer Science Seton Hall University; M.A., Economics, University of Missouri; B.A., Economics, Bombay University
Office: Henkel’s Academic Building 2046
Phone: (239) 280-1694

Michael New, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics
Education: B.A., Government, and Economics Modified with Mathematics, Dartmouth College; M.S., Statistics, Stanford University; Ph.D., Political Science, Stanford University
Office: Canizaro Library 219
Phone: (239) 280-1569

Ubiratan Rezende, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business
Education: M.A., Theological Studies, John Paull II Institute, Washington, DC (Pontificia Universitas Lateranensis, Rome); M.A., Ph.D., Public Administration, University of Southern California; B.A., J.D., University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Office: Canizaro Library 230
Phone: (239) 280-1631

Brian Scarnecchia, J.D.

Adjunct Instructor of Business
Education: J.D., University of Akron School of Law; M. Div., Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology; B.A., English, Youngstown State University
Office: Henkels 2019

Frank Shepard, D.P.S.

Chair of the Business Department, Associate Professor of Finance
Education: B.S., Accounting, Bentley College; M.B.A, Finance, Columbia University Graduate School of Business; D.P.S., Finance & International Economics, Pace University
Office: Henkels 2020
Phone: (239) 304-7345

Dorothy Thompson, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Business
Education: B.B.A., Accounting, Texas Women’s University; M.S., Finance, University of Texas at Dallas; M.S., Accounting, University of Texas at Dallas
Certification: Certified Public Accountant
Office: Henkels 2052
Phone: (239) 280-1662