Catholic Studies


The Catholic Studies major at Ave Maria University focuses on the interdisciplinary character of the impact of the Catholic Faith on the broader society across the centuries. The major includes a foundation of doctrinal and moral studies The students then have the opportunity to study other disciplines in which the engagement with Catholic teaching is a primary component of the course. With this approach, students will be introduced to the doctrinal and moral foundations of Catholic theology while also studying how the Catholic Faith has influenced all of the disciplines within Western Civilization.

Ex Corde Ecclesiae directly calls for this interdisciplinary approach: “While each discipline is taught systematically and according to its own methods, interdisciplinary studies, assisted by a careful and thorough study of philosophy and theology, enable students to acquire an organic vision of reality and to develop a continuing desire for intellectual progress” (20).

Explore the Catholic Studies Program

In addition to the core curriculum, catholic studies majors take the following courses

Required Theology Courses from the Core Curriculum:

  • THEO 105 Sacred Scripture
  • THEO 205 Sacred Doctrine
  • THEO 305 Moral Theology (instead of THEO 400 for non-majors)

Required Theology Courses: 

  • THEO 206 Creation and Grace
  • THEO 307 Sacraments
  • THEO 309 Christ and His Church
  • THEO 405 Triune God
  • THEO 490 Senior Seminar

Elective Courses (4 Required)

  • Any THEO courses
  • HIST 362 The Crusades
  • LATN 304 Latin Church Fathers
  • LATN 403 Scholastic Latin Texts
  • LITR 415 Thomas More
  • MUSC 305 Heritage of Sacred Music
  • PHIL 406 St. Augustine
  • PHIL 407 St. Thomas Aquinas
  • PHIL 408 Franciscan Philosophy
  • PHIL 409 John Henry Newman
  • POLT 302 Catholic Political Thought

Other courses dealing primarily with Catholic themes, text or issues as approved by the Theology Department Chair.

See the Academic Catalogue for course descriptions