Handling Guidelines

  • Researchers are permitted one box, or folder at their table at a time.
  • Boxes must remain squarely on the table. Remove one folder from the box at a time and keep the folders in order in the box. Special Collections staff have place holders available at the desk.
  • Keep documents neat and in order in the folder. Do not tap manuscript materials on the table. Neaten folders with the tips of your fingers.
  • Do not remove items from folders. Acid-free papers slips are provided for researching to flag items they wish to have duplicated.
  • Do not lean on or rest anything on top of collection materials.
  • Do not write, take notes, or place note paper directly on collection materials or folders.
  • Researchers must wear gloves when handling photographs or negatives.
  • No marks may be added or erased from collection materials.
  • Do not remove staples, paperclips, or other fasteners from collections materials.
  • Return materials to the Reading Room desk when leaving for the day, going to lunch, or leaving the Reading Room for more than a few minutes.
  • All books must be used with a support cradle. Books must remain in the support cradle, which must remain on the table.
  • Please do not use pencils or other objects as book markers. Acid-free papers slips for marking your place are available at the desk.
  • Please handle collection materials with care at all times.

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