Kington’s Comedy Makes Ave Laugh

On the evening of October 12th, laughter, uplifting humor, and the scent of buffalo wings filled the ballroom as Kenn Kington engaged students through a comedy performance. At first glance, Kington’s performance was seemingly a typical light-hearted comedic routine–but it came with a deeper message that left the audience with something to chew on–other than the buffalo wings.

In the beginning of his routine, Kington used the example of young children approaching relationships, referencing the good ‘ole days of passing notes and checking that ominous “yes” or “no” box to let one’s desk buddy know of one’s intentions. Bridging into the older years, he talked about navigating through the confusing era of high school relationships. As Kington puts it, the days of “yes” or “no” notes are long gone, but the days of having the “talk” with cheerleaders and the like are far from over, and the friend-zone becomes a home.

Following this amusing–albeit accurate–depiction, Kington started to bridge into his message. He spoke of how sometimes, we don’t get to be what we want to be–and how we can’t be “anything,” unlike what the world tells us. However, the best possible thing we can be is who God made us to be. As St. Catherine of Siena says, “Be who God made you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” God has a plan for who we were meant to be–and He wants to show us His plan, if we trust Him to do it in His time and His way.

Kington enlivened a number of students on what would usually be a somewhat busy night of homework, studying, and countless other activities by providing an opportunity to enjoy an entertaining evening and testimony. Through his use of humor, Kington conveyed the joy that trusting in God brings to our lives. Whether friend-zoned or not, whether that kid in first grade checked the “yes” or “no” box–we are all God’s children, and His vision of who we are meant to be is far greater than we could imagine.