October 21, 2022

Introducing The Catholic Theology Show

AMU Communications

AMU Launches New Faculty Podcast

Ave Maria University is launching its first faculty podcast, The Catholic Theology Show, on Saturday, October 22, 2022—the feast day of Pope Saint John Paul II.

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Michael Dauphinais, chair of the Theology Department and professor of theology at AMU. Each week, Dr. Dauphinais will sit down with colleagues, friends, and other members of the University community to discuss Catholic theology. The variety of themes covered on the show will range from religious liberty and higher education to the natural sciences and the philosophies of Thomas Aquinas.

“In the show, my goal is to help people discover that theology matters… I hope that our listeners and viewers will discover the joy of talking about God, ourselves, and the whole world in the light of God and his revelation to us. I try to adopt the perspective of one who finds joy in the truth and sees each guest as an opportunity to learn more and to deepen my knowledge and love of God.”
—Dr. Michael Dauphinais, Chair of the Theology Department and Professor of Theology at AMU, Host of The Catholic Theology Show

The motive for launching The Catholic Theology Show on the feast day of Saint John Paul II lies at the core identity of Ave Maria University. The pope’s apostolic constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (which is Latin for From the Heart of the Church), set the foundations for the academic and spiritual standards of the University at the time it was founded.

AMU takes advantage of this opportunity to honor the great John Paul II, who was a champion of Catholic theology, and to uphold and emphasize the intellectual level it strives for as a Catholic institution.

“This show honors JP II’s legacy by its excellence, its profound articulation to the faith, its engagement with people and issues of our time, and its evangelical spirit… Dr. Michael Dauphinais embodies the highest commitment to Ave Maria University’s core values: he is a renowned scholar, a faithful theologian, and devoted to living the faith. As host of The Catholic Theology Show, all these elements of his work and life at the University will be made accessible to the AMU community and beyond.”
Dr. Roger Nutt, Provost and Professor of Theology at AMU

As the show’s debut approaches, AMU students are eager to see their beloved and admired professor, Dr. Dauphinais, as the host of the University’s first faculty podcast.

“He is a great professor; in the classes I have taken with him, I have been really impressed by his knowledge and work. I am very excited to see him as a host for this new podcast that the University is launching, for he will definitely cultivate beautiful and fruitful theological discussions.”
—Grace Eckard, AMU Student (’22)

Dauphinais hopes that a broad audience will find the show “helpful in drawing meaning from the Catholic faith.” He wants to “show that the insights of theology are very human and very accessible.”

Starting on October 22, you can find The Catholic Theology Show on all streaming platforms as well as on its website. This podcast is made possible through the generous support of AMU’s Annunciation Circle, a community of members who support Ave Maria University through their prayers and monthly donations of $10 or more. You can join the Annunciation Circle here.



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