March 13, 2023

Hungary’s President Speaks at Ave Maria University

AMU Communications

On Thursday, March 9, the president of Hungary, Katalin Novák, visited Ave Maria University to deliver a lecture on faith and family values within the political world. Her talk was followed by a Q&A section with AMU students.

President Novák addressed the calling of the Christian in politics, and she talked about her own experience being religious and family-centered while working in government. Novák also talked about her decision to leave the professional world to be a stay-at-home mom for six years.

“It is feasible—even having three kids and having spent six years at home as a stay-at-home mom, and not caring for anything else but the children—you can [still] be at the top of a country.” Hungarian President Katalin Novák

Katalin Novák serves as the youngest—and also the first woman—president of Hungary. She shared that the most important thing about her background is the family where she comes from and the family she created with her husband.

Throughout her lecture, Madam President talked of how Hungary has a Christian essence, as it was founded on Christian principles by St. Stephen of Hungary. She confidently claimed that Hungary’s past, present and future are Christian. Novák also discussed the pro-family and pro-life legislation in the Hungarian constitution, and she mentioned how—over the past decade—fertility has increased, and abortions have decreased significantly in Hungary.

As she addressed the students, President Novák recounted three moments during her time as president of Hungary when she felt God working in her life. One of the stories she shared was about her decision to support persecuted Christians around the world—despite the potential dangers that came with that decision.

Novák went on to explain how her Christian faith is decisive for her on a daily basis; she continued to boast about Hungary’s pro-family policies—such as the fact that having children lowers the personal income tax, and that whoever has more than three children does not have to pay back their student loans.

“It’s not worth missing out on having children, and it’s not worth missing out on having a family. You have a given period of time when you can do it, and it will fade away. … You can always catch up on your professional career. … but never on the family. For me, I just cannot imagine my life without having our children. [My family] is what I am most proud of and most thankful for.” — Hungarian President Katalin Novák

AMU thanks President Katalin Novák of Hungary for coming down to Ave Maria to share her testimony of faith with the University students, faculty and staff.

If you would like to support the formation of the authentic Christian leaders of the future, consider joining AMU’s Annunciation Circle, a community of members who support Ave Maria University through their prayers and monthly donations of $10 or more. You can learn more about Annunciation Circle here.



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