Gyrene Spirit at Pep Rally

This past Wednesday, students rallied in the breezeway to paint up and party like a saint for the Pep Rally. While music was blaring, students were knocking on other students’ dorms to get them to come out and join the festivities. As people were getting ready to show their Gyrene spirit, the cheerleaders led the charge from the breezeway to the gym, while the crowd followed chanting different cheers.

Once people were filing into the gym, the Gyrene spirit kept increasing from there. Free t-shirts were passed out while students sang “Sweet Caroline” at the top of their lungs. The cheerleaders led the students with more cheers to get everyone ready for the pep rally.

The pep rally began with the faculty relay with Ave’s favorite professors attempting to do ten dizzy bats and then scoring a soccer goal, making a layup, and hitting a baseball. Students roared with laughter as they witnessed professors and coaches trying to run to each event while trying not to fall over. The next event was tug of war between the residence halls. Students battled to see who was the strongest dorm. After all the fun and excitement from the games, the pep rally concluded with ice cream. The pep rally was a great event to see everyone’s Gyrene Spirit!