Graduate Program Alumnus to Release Another Book

Dr. Matthew J. Ramage answers questions about his forthcoming book and how his graduate studies at AMU prepared him for entering into contemporary theological debate.

One of the marks of success for the Graduate Theology Doctoral Program at AMU is that of those who have been graduated, all of them have found placement at various universities, colleges, and seminaries. (For a complete list, check here. ) In addition to being an external confirmation of the quality of the program, the diffusion of graduates throughout these various places allows them to engage in the current theological conversations and debates in a multitude of forums and ways. Of course, one of the principal methods of engaging in the current conversation is through publishing. Thus, it is always a moment to celebrate when one of our alumni has a work published.

Dr. Matthew J. Ramage, Assistant Professor of Theology at Benedictine College, is the latest to contribute to current discussion with his latest book, Jesus Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels, set to be released January 2, 2017. This book is a sequel to his last, Dark Passages of the Bible. In Jesus Interpreted, Dr. Ramage attempts to answer some of the major challenges presented to the Christian faith by some current New Testament Scholarship.

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