What to Bring

What to Bring

All residence hall rooms are equipped with a single bed for each student (requires extra-long sheets), desk and chair, dresser, bookcase, wardrobe. Every room has a bathroom, with toilet and shower. The majority of rooms on campus house between two and four students and there are several suite-style housing options available for male students as well. All residence halls are smoke free.

• Alarm Clock
• Toiletries/Personal Care Items
• Waste Basket
• Towels and Washcloths
• Shower Curtain
• Hangers
• Bed Linens (extra long sheets)
• Pillow(s), Blankets, Mattress Pad
• Floor Lamp (There are no lights in bedroom areas)
• Desk Lamp/Extra Bulbs
• Laundry Basket/Bag
• Laundry Soap/Fabric Sheets
• Identification/Social Security Card
• Copy of Birth Certificate
• Insurance Cards/Medical Information
• Prescription Drugs
• Backpack or Book Bag
• Calendar
• First Aid Kit
• Cleaning Supplies
• Surge Protected Power Strip
• Computer and Computer Supplies
• Painters Tape To Hang Items on Walls – NO DOUBLE SIDED TAPE.
• Umbrella
• Raincoat
• Flashlight/Extra Batteries

•  Cell Phone
•  Television
•  Refrigerator (3.6 Cubic Feet or Less)
•  Microwave
•  Dictionary
•  Thesaurus
•  Personal Safe
•  Iron (For use in laundry room only)
•  Small Ironing Board
•  School Supplies
•  Address Book, Envelopes, Stationary, and Stamps
•  Desk Organizer
•  Sewing Kit
•  Wall Decorations
•  Pictures
•  Bicycle and Lock
•  Multi Purpose Tool
•  Desktop Fan
•  MP3 Player with Personal Headphones
•  Drinking Cup/Coffee Mug/Dishware
•  Shower Shoes – Flip Flops
•  Shower Bucket/Carrying Case
•  Plastic/Metal Storage Bin for Snacks
•  Coffee Pot with Automatic Shut-Off

•  Candles
•  Candle Warmers
•  Incense

•  Drugs
•  Weapons
•  Fireworks
•  Toaster Oven
•  Hot Plate or Open Coiled Heater (If brought, these must be stored in the hall kitchen)
•  Refrigerator Larger than 3.6 Cubic Feet
•  Air Conditioner
•  Halogen Lights(These are a Fire Hazard and not allowed in the Residence Halls)
•  Waterbed
•  Fish Tank Larger than 15 Gallons
•  Pets (Except Fish)
•  Illegal Substances
•  Flammable Liquids
•  No Open Flame Devices are Allowed In Residential Facilities
•  Gas Powered Scooter (Can only be used/stored outside)
•  George Foreman Grills

Students are allowed to ship boxes and luggage ahead of their own arrival, provided that the boxes arrive within one week of the students’ arrival. The mailroom is not able to accept packages prior to August 27th so please be sure to check the anticipated arrival date prior to shipping your goods. Once you arrive, please visit the Mailroom in the Student Union to pick up your belongings. The University cannot accept C.O.D. shipments. 

Mail should be addressed to you as follows: 
Your Name
Ave Maria University
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, Florida 34142
There are many appliances acceptable in the Residence Halls such as hot pots, popcorn poppers, and coffee pots, provided they operate with an enclosed element and have an automatic shut off switch. However, due to electrical limitations and fire safety regulations halogen lamps, air conditioners, toasters, toaster ovens, or any open-coil or exposed burner appliances are not allowed. Only refrigerators under 3.6 cubic feet are permitted.
Cooking/Meal Plan
All residential students are required to be on the student meal plan. Student rooms are not equipped to accommodate the electrical and sanitary demands of cooking. The residence halls have an equipped kitchenette for your use.

The only pets permitted in the Residence Hall are aquarium fish. No aquarium can exceed 15 gallons.

Bikes are an inexpensive form of transportation. If you bring your bicycle, be sure to bring a bike lock. Bikes may not be stored in the hallways of the residence halls and should be kept locked on one of the outdoor bike-racks throughout campus.

Residence Hall Staff
There is a Residence Director, a full-time, live-in professional staff member living in each Residence Hall, who oversees the operations of the building as well as tends to the needs of the students living within the hall. The Residence Directors are supervised by the Director of Residence Life and Housing.

Any questions regarding Residence Life may be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing:

Ave Maria University
Office of Residence Life and Housing
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria Florida 34142
Phone: 239-280-2542

Any questions regarding residence life may be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing:

Mailing Address:
Ave Maria University
Office of Residence Life and Housing
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, FL 34142

Phone: (239) 280-2542

Email: StudentAffairs@avemaria.edu