Orientation – Important Contacts

Admissions Office 239-280-2556
Billie Silva, Director of Admissions 239-280-2480
Mary Reed, Admissions Counselor 239-280-2487
Cassie Kreiger, Admissions Counselor 239-280-1554
Brittany Phillips, Admissions Counselor 239-280-7134
Andrea Groch, Admissions Counselor 239-280-1598
Christine Martin, Admissions Counselor 239-280-7903
Office of Student Affairs 239-280-2540
Julie Cosden, Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students 239-280-2484
Martin Doman, Director of Student Engagement 239-280-2513
Erin van de Voorde, Director of Residence Life 239-280-2540
Noah Blanchard, Director of Student Life 239-280-1517
Zachary Crockett, Career Services 239-304-7228
Dr. John Aragona, Counseling Services 239-280-7398
Stephanie Negip, Office of Academic Records 239-280-2565
Bursar’s Office 239-280-2593
Anne Hart, Director of Financial Aid 239-280-1669
Office of Campus Ministry 239-280-2518
Dr. Rich Dittus, Director of Student Success 239-280-2551
Dr. Elise Rose, Center for Academic Excellence 239-280-2553
On-Campus Emergency 8-911
Security On-Call 239-280-6289
On-Site EMT 239-348-0150
Residence Director On-Call (cell phone) 239-280-7344