Meet the Admissions Team

Admissions Recruitment


Mary Reed

Associate Director of Admissions Recruitment

Office: Prince 158
Office Phone: (239) 280-2487
Text: (239) 734-7420

Hi, I’m Mary Reed! I joined the Ave Maria University family as the Women’s Volleyball Coach in 2009, served as the Assistant Coach for the Women’s Basketball team for four years, and the past 9 years, I’ve enjoyed working as an Admissions Counselor! When you attend Ave Maria, you become a part of a family. You’re supported by your peers, professors, administration and are united by faith. Students tell me that Ave Maria changes their life! I feel very blessed to be able to work in Admissions at Ave, and I look forward to getting to know you better!


Jud Cavey

Visit Program Director

Office Phone: (239) 304-7965



Adam Kinnick

Associate Director of Admissions

Office Phone: (239) 304-7924


Ariel Barker

Admissions Counselor

Office Phone: (239) 304-7986


Page Kuenstle

Admissions Counselor

Office Phone: (239) 304-7988


Paul Long

Admissions Counselor

Office Phone: (239) 304-7937


Kelly Recke

Athletics Admissions Counselor

Office Phone: (239) 304-7952

Breaking the trend of AMU alumni on our staff, I am a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Class of 2017. I am so glad I chose to attend a school on the Cardinal Newman Guide, and I am grateful that I am now able to work at another university that forms students spiritually and intellectually. I moved around a lot when I was younger, but I eventually attended high school in Florida panhandle. Wanting to return to the Sunshine State after I graduated, I began my work at AMU in the Spring of 2019. In my time here, I have seen that Jesus is very much at the core of this campus, and that the community here will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. As Pope Saint John Paul II put it, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” Your adventure awaits at Ave Maria University: the friendships and memories that you will form will last a lifetime!