Xavier Hall Guesthouse

Thank you for your interest in Xavier Hall & Conference Center. We are currently closed for the summer months, as the University utilizes our guest rooms to host numerous academic conferences and spiritual retreat programs. Please return to this page in August to submit any reservations for the Fall 2018 Semester. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you to campus in the upcoming academic year!


Come join us at the Xavier Hall Guesthouse!


The Xavier Hall Guesthouse is an undergraduate residence hall that has been partially designated for the overnight lodging of guests and visitors of university sponsored and hosted events, guests of the University’s administrative departments (Admissions, University Relations, etc.), and family members of AMU students.  We are unable to offer our facilities to visitors who do not have a direct connection to University business.

Two floors of rooms are available for short-term stay in the Xavier Hall Guesthouse, while our first floor is currently occupied by resident Ave Maria University students.

Booking FAQ’s


As space is limited, and out of consideration for our students who live and study in close proximity to the Guesthouse during the academic year, only family members of current students, those who have pre-arranged a visit through our Admissions Office, or those who are invited as official guests of the University may stay at the Xavier Hall Guesthouse.  To contact our admissions office please click here.


Reservations may be made one calendar year in advance and are subject to availability.  Please submit your requested dates in the “Make a Booking” section below to review what options are available at the time of your visit.


Guests will be charged a percentage of the cost of their stay if they cancel, as stipulated at the time of booking, but otherwise the full amount for the room(s) and/or cleaning fees are charged once guests arrive to campus.  Group rates and single-party reservations will be accommodated on a first-come first-serve basis, depending on availability.


Bed linens and towels are made available to all guests in every room.  Fresh towels and linens are made available upon request.  Guests may eat at the Bob Thomas Student Union at either St. Francis of Assisi Cafeteria or the Tepe’s Teepee Cafe.  Prices are $5 per meal at the Cafeteria, and as listed per menu item at the Cafe.


Parking passes will be given to guests upon arrival to facilitate parking in the University lot behind the Guesthouse.  Parking is limited, and during busy times on campus parking will be available first-come, first-serve.

Welcome! We are delighted that you are staying with us at Ave Maria University’s Xavier Hall & Conference Center. In keeping with our mission, guests must also agree to honor our Terms and Conditions, as described more fully below. The Xavier Hall Guesthouse is a shared space in the center of campus housing both undergraduate students and University guests. For this reason, in an effort both to respect the space and privacy of students and to welcome guests, the following policies are outlined. You agree to abide by these policies in virtue of your reservation and designation as a Guest on campus.

  • Guest Expectations:
    • Guesthouse keycards should only be used by those individuals who are named in the reservation. Keycards must be returned at the end of one’s stay, or a $25 replacement fee will be charged.
    • Guests should always have their Guest Keycard on their person while visiting campus, and be prepared to show this card and/or their photo ID to a Campus Security or Residence Life Staff member at any time, upon request. On weekends,
      the Student Worker regulating the front entry door for student Visiting Hours may also ask guests to present their Guest Keycard for documentation.
    • Guestrooms must be left in good condition upon check-out. If damages are noted in the room, or cleaning is required above and beyond normal housekeeping duties, the Cleaning Deposit made at the time of reservation will not be refunded.
    • Guests are welcome in to those buildings of the campus that are open to students during business hours (e.g. the library, cafeteria, Student Union). However guests should not enter Residence Hall buildings, nor the first floor of Xavier Hall, being an undergraduate residence, unless escorted by a student.
    • Likewise, Ave Maria University students are not permitted on the floors of Xavier Hall used for guests, nor into guest rooms, unless they are escorted by a guest.
  • University Policies:
    • All Guests of Ave Maria University are expected to abide by the policies of the University and comport themselves in a manner that respects and supports students’ obligations to adhere to our Code of Student Conduct, which is to be reviewed at : https://www.avemaria.edu/student-handbook-policies/
      These policies include the following:
    •  The pool is closed from dusk until dawn.
    • Alcohol may not be consumed on exterior grounds or in common interior areas of residential facilities without the advance permission of the director of the residential building.
    • Underage alcohol consumption is prohibited.
    • Male and female students and their guests are permitted inside residence hall dormitory rooms of the opposite sex only during these designated hours:
      • Friday, 6 pm- midnight
      • Saturday, 6pm- midnight
      • Sunday, 2-8 pm
      • For your information, do note that male and female students may be together in mixed groups in common areas designated in each residence hall, by floor. In Xavier Hall, this area is marked by a sign indicating that it is a “Common Room,” located at the back of the residence floor hallway. Female students must be escorted by a male resident through the men’s dormitory to reach this room.
    • Only University facilities vehicles are permitted on the paver-“roads” that interweave University buildings; visitors may not drive their cars on these special access paver-roads, although guests may observe University golf carts and facilities vehicles using these paver-roads. Unauthorized vehicles are not permitted on the pavers between or behind buildings.
    • Minors must be escorted by a parent or guardian at all times while on campus.
    • Smoking is not permitted in guestrooms.
    • Pets are not permitted in the Guesthouse.
    • Candles, incense, toasters, or other similar electric heating devices that do not have an automatic off-switch for the flame or heating element are prohibited in guestrooms. This pertains even to those rooms reserved for long-term guests.
    • Clothing or décor is never to be hung from fire sprinklers in the ceiling and walls.
    • After 10 pm, Quiet Hours are to be observed on the guesthouse floors, out of respect for other guests and students studying in the surrounding area. Failure to observe any of these policies may result in a monetary fine being added to a guest’s bill and/or immediate cancellation of the reservation or an instruction that the guest depart for failure to abide by the terms and conditions. A refund might not be provided depending on the circumstances. These Policies are in addition to the Terms and Conditions on our website, agreed to at the time of reservation.

Xavier Guesthouse Rates

 RatesCleaning Fee
1 Person Room Rate$90 per night (1 twin bed)+ $20 one time Cleaning Fee
2 Person Room Rate$120 per night (2 twin beds)+ $20 one time Cleaning Fee
Suite A Rate$150 per night (2 Bedrooms, 6 total twin beds,)+ $50 one time Cleaning Fee
Suite B Rate$150 per night (4 Bedrooms, 8 total twin beds,)$50 one time Cleaning Fee

Please Contact:

Jackson Reeves

Please direct posted mail to:

Ave Maria University
Xavier Hall Guesthouse
c/o Thomas Jackson Reeves
5050 Ave Maria Blvd.
Ave Maria, FL 34142