Residence Life & Housing

Living in community in the residence halls is at the core of our educational mission. In the classroom, students develop their intellectual gifts, while the programming and relationships developed in the residence halls nourish and form the heart. Students form bonds with their peers, see the example set by more senior students and experience the mentorship of resident assistants within their hall.

A commitment to residential living is the reason why 90% of our undergraduates live on campus. All students under 23 years of age are required to live on campus, with an exemption process for commuter students living in close proximity to the university.

The Residence Directors, live-in full-time staff members, play a critical role in the lives of the students in their residence halls. The Residence Directors are members of the Residence Life Staff and are responsible for individual residence halls. The Residence Directors focus their energy on getting to know every person in their hall. They are assisted by a staff of Resident Assistants, students who are hired for their leadership skills and heart of service. The Residence Life Staff is there to support the students with their academic, spiritual, and social needs.