Community Update 06/18/19

The Ave Maria University Presidential Search Committee was appointed in March, 2019 following President Jim Towey’s announcement that he would be leaving the University at the end of his current contract in 2020.  The Committee interviewed a number of companies that offer search assistance to universities and selected AGB Search. Working with the search consultant the committee began forming the search process and deciding on a number of details important to the structure of the search.  A timeline was established with the goal to have the committee recommendation to the board of trustees no later than November, 2019. The committee agreed on a commitment to strict confidentiality throughout the entire search process to ensure that candidates will know that they can participate in our search with confidence that only committee members will know their identity.  

The committee selected a number of constituencies representing the broad university family to provide input as the committee worked on forming a presidential profile for the search.  A link to the Profile is posted on this website. We also agreed to provide periodic updates to the university community and general public, acknowledging that those communication updates will provide information about the search process status but will share absolutely no information about candidates.  The committee also agreed to direct all questions, inquiries, nominations, and applications to the search committee’s consultant.

All who are interested in following the progress of the search are invited to check periodically at this web site for the most recent updates.  The committee anticipates posting updates approximately once a month. Committee members have committed to pray earnestly for God’s blessing on the search process.  In that regard, we invite all of the university family to join in and support the committee by remembering to pray for all those involved in this important process to select our next president.

Louis C. Argenta, MD, Chair

Ave Maria University Presidential Search Committee