American Academy of Catholic Scholars and Artists

The aim of the American Academy of Catholic Scholars and Artists (“Academy” or “AACSA”) is to identify, connect, support, and cultivate an elite group of Catholic scholars and artists who comprise the intellectual leadership of the Catholic Church in America, are dedicated to exploring questions in the Catholic intellectual and artistic traditions, and seek to engage the modern world in the Church’s universal call to holiness. To realize this mission, the Academy implements several initiatives:

  • Award Memberships, Fellowships, and Visiting Scholarships to the leading Catholic scholars and artists in the United States who reflect the breadth and depth of Catholic intellectual and artistic traditions
  • Sponsor one winter conference at Ave Maria University and the Florida Gulf Coast to promote friendship, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among the Membership on pressing issues facing America and the Catholic Church
  • Publish the conference proceedings in an annual journal
  • Identify the most promising young scholars and artists and provide opportunities for mentorship and support as they rise in roles of civil and church leadership
  • Launch specific projects and task forces that will advance the Catholic intellectual and artistic traditions, including collaborations on public-facing works such as op-eds, establishing programs in higher education, communication and evangelization strategies, academic manuscript workshops, legal briefs, and artistic commissions



Dr. Michael Breidenbach, Associate Professor and Chair of History, Ave Maria University

Dr. Janice Chik Breidenbach, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ave Maria University