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American Academy of Catholic Scholars and Artists

Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal

The Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal is a new academic institute created to foster the renewal of Catholic theology. The Aquinas Center is invested in a wide variety of projects both within and outside of Ave Maria University.

Grounded by its founders’ interest in the theology of Aquinas and with projects that involve scholars from colleges and universities around the world, the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal hopes to contribute to the development of a vibrant theological renaissance.

Entrepreneurial Initiative Center

Ave Maria University is please to announce the creation of its Entrepreneurship Initiative.  This initiative assists students of all majors in living their faith as they create value and serve others.  Student members benefit from acquiring life skills in the “science of association,” which includes project-creation, problem-solving, and collective action, all of which are essential to leadership, prosperity, a life of service, and good citizenship.