Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal

The Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal is a new academic institute created to foster the renewal of Catholic theology. The Aquinas Center is invested in a wide variety of projects both within and outside of Ave Maria University.

Grounded by its founders’ interest in the theology of Aquinas and with projects that involve scholars from colleges and universities around the world, the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal hopes to contribute to the development of a vibrant theological renaissance.

Stein Center for Social Research

Stein Center for Social ResearchExternal link is a non-partisan, interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to understanding the most pressing social dilemmas of the 21st century.   Of particular concern to the Stein Center are questions of gender, personality development, marriage and family formation, fertility and demographic change, religious practice, and the formation and education of children.

Integral to the mission of the University, and most important for the long-term renewal of Catholic intellectual, moral and pastoral life today, the Center for the Renewal of Catholic Theology has two main goals: (1) to assist in funding theology doctoral student stipends since the future of any science or scholarly discipline is determined by the quality of their doctoral programs; (2) to fund lectures and conferences that bring to the university major scholars dedicated to genuine intellectual and faith life in the Church and culture.  Their presentations are often published.  One hundred percent of all the donations to the Center go directly to support these goals.