Governor Scott Visits Ave Maria University

Governor Rick Scott visited AMU today and met with President Towey and discussed his agenda for higher education and the University’s record enrollment and growth. Governor Scott toured the campus and met with students, including Student Government President Alex Pince, and other members of the Ave Maria community. In addition, he visited Professor Joseph Burke’s Econometrics class and visited briefly with his students. Earlier in the day the Governor toured the Rhodora J. Donahue Academy, the K-12 school adjacent to the campus, and spoke with students there. On the visit, President Towey said, “It was great having the Governor on our campus and wonderful to see how interested he is in Ave Maria University and our students. I told him how important it was for the state to support private institutions like Ave Maria and I think today is the beginning of a wonderful dialogue with the Governor on the pressing issues in higher education in our state.”

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Guest Lecture on Elizabeth Anscombe's Moral Philosophy

The philosophy of the late Elizabeth Anscombe, professor of philosophy at Cambridge University, literary executor of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and widely admired defender of the Church's teaching on contraception, was the subject of a lecture on Friday, Oct 15th, by Dr. Jose Maria Torralba, a professor of philosophy at the University of Navarre in Spain and currently a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago. 
Speaking on, “Anscombe's Moral Philosophy: Human Action, Moral Ought, and Practical Truth,” Torralba explained some of the main themes in Anscombe's moral philosophy, including Anscombe's concern to reject consequentialism through a defense of the principle of double effect and a careful examination of the notion of “intention”.  Torralba also explained how Anscombe made use of an account of what she called “brute facts” to criticize Hume's “is/ought” distinction. 
The morning following the lecture, Dr. Torralba met with students at the Bean for continued discussions.  Students included the participants in Dr. Pakaluk's “Advanced Readings” seminar, who had just been studying a paper by Anscombe for that class.
Dr. Jose Maria Torralba explains a fine point in Anscombe's moral philosophy at the Bean, while Andrew Davis, Leslie Nagel, Maureen Bielinski, and Will Hughes listen on.

Ave Maria Officially Recognized as a “Catholic University”

AVE MARIA – Today, Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in
Florida, made perhaps the most significant announcement in the history of Ave Maria
University. During the investiture ceremony for new Ave Maria University President H. James
Towey, Bishop Dewane announced that he grants recognition of Ave Maria University as a
Catholic University.
Ave Maria University Officially Recognized as a 'Catholic University'
The recognition of Ave Maria University as a Catholic University recognizes their commitment to continue to be guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church and faithfulness to the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae. (Catholic Online)
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Ave Maria Receives Official Recognition as a Catholic University
During the investiture ceremony for new Ave Maria University president H. James Towey, Bishop Dewane announced that he grants recognition of Ave Maria University as a Catholic university. (National Catholic Register)
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Ave Maria inaugurates second president; officially recognized as Catholic university. (Naples News)
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Lecture for the Inauguration by Dr. Michael Waldstein

Exemplary Father and Mother Figures for Ave Maria University
Lecture for the Inauguration of Jim Towey
as President of Ave Maria University, October 7, 2011
by Michael Maria Waldstein
Max Seckler Professor of Theology, Ave Maria University
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Why we can't forget Sandy Koufax

Bio: David G. Dalin, a rabbi and a professor at Ave Maria University in Florida, is the coauthor (with Jonathan D. Sarna) of Religion and State in the American Jewish Experience. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.
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Biographer Joseph Pearce Discusses Critic of Communism

The professor of literature and writer-in-residence at Ave Maria University was recently interviewed following the reissue of his biography, “Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile” (Ignatius Press).
-Biographer Joseph Pearce Discusses Critic of Communism (  (

Ed H. Moore: Program helps Fla. veterans get college education

Our armed forces make incredible sacrifices for our nation and it is important our lawmakers and education community continue to create avenues that will promote access to learning opportunities for them. (
The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida is a statewide association of 29 private, nonprofit colleges and universities and a significant amount of our member institutions participate in YRP, including Ave Maria University in Collier County and Hodges University in Lee County.