Welcome on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs,

In the course of one’s life, one discovers that learning does not only take place within the confines of a classroom. At Ave Maria University, learning also occurs in the chapel, the residence halls, and even in the gym. Our faculty and staff strive to foster a true integration between the classroom and life experience. We seek to combine the spiritual, academic, and social strands of our students’ lives to create a truly unique University experience. Christianity is an incarnational faith; therefore we seek to incarnate the academic, social, and spiritual components of a young adult’s life whether in the library, the dining hall, or the residence hall room.

We begin each semester with an opening Mass for the entire University community. “Faith” is not merely a word trapped in a dusty book, but rather is lived in a dynamic way by the faculty, staff, and students. In fact, our faculty makes a sincere gift to the Church by signing an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium, witnessing to the fact that true academic excellence (indeed, true human excellence) springs from the heart of the Church and is faithful to all that Christ has revealed.

Students are encouraged to live what they learn in an environment where they truly experience “soul support” at all levels. This form of education changes lives. Students gain a new found excitement for learning and a profound love for their Mater et Magistra, the Church. At Ave Maria University, learning and faith come together in an education that, even many years later, you will still want to live up to. We tie academics, spirituality, and sociality into a three cord-bond and help students make sense of it all.

Congratulations, and thank you again for choosing Ave Maria University!

– Division of Student Affairs

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