AveFy: A Display Featuring Songs that Uplift Our Students


AveFy, the winter exhibition now open at the Canizaro Exhibit Gallery, is an auditory exhibit focused on positive songs and lyrics specifically chosen and submitted by AMU students.

From the earliest Homeric songs, down through the centuries, to the courtly love poems of the Middle Ages, the madrigals of the Renaissance, the art songs of the 19th century, and the golden age of singer songwriters, music has been a way for humans to express our deepest sentiments. The same holds true today. Through the combination of music and lyrics, each song in the AveFy winter exhibition is presented as a piece of one student’s story, an aspect of their life, a vehicle through which they have found the expression of something meaningful or important.

Located on the second floor of the Canizaro Library, AveFy is a display of the music that speaks to our students.

The featured songs are a true mixture of genre, feeling, attitudes, and history. From the well-renowned Mozart and eccentric Elton John, to pop star Harry Styles and Christian group Casting Crowns, the display hosts a variety of music that moves and inspires. AveFy is an opportunity for some AMU students to take a moment in the spotlight.

“I think my Mom first introduced me to this song,” says student Alijah Madkour about her chosen song, “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. “When I experience a cross, big or small, it reminds me to trust God completely.” Yet another student, Clara Diodati, comments on her favorite song, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, that she was taught how to play the song on guitar when she was about 15: “I never get tired of it; both the melody and the words are beautiful, timeless, and very relatable. It always makes me feel happy and nostalgic to hear it!”

In a display that features song titles, album covers and lyrics alongside photos of student contributors and quotes about why the song speaks to them, AveFy is an exhibit that shares a positive message on campus about the impact of music on our lives. If you’re in the area, stop by the Canizaro Library’s winter exhibition and take a look! The AveFy auditory exhibit will not disappoint; rather, it uplifts and inspires.

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