Ave Maria Host Family Club

At Ave Maria University, we are dedicated to the formation of joyful, intentional followers of Jesus Christ. Our desire has grown to involve our students in our local community of Ave Maria families. Our hope is that, through the example and relationships created with local families, our students will be more prepared to step out into the world to do the work God has laid out for them with courage and love. You can support this mission by extending a warm welcome to a current student through our Host Families Club.

Our Host Family Club connects a student with a family or individual in the local community for a semester-long experience. These partnerships do not involve home-stay. Instead, the families and students simply meet at least once a month for activities that they both enjoy – from sharing conversations around the dinner table and celebrating holidays, to participating in campus and community events.

Why join? Research shows that friendships within the local community often help students develop greater academic achievement and lower levels of stress. And we know, that your witness as a family who has lived and experienced life outside of college, will greatly impact their confidence to go into a world that sometimes seems overwhelming. At the same time, students have the opportunity to share themselves and their gifts with the local Ave Maria community – and find a place to feel “at home” in Ave Maria.

How does it work?

To accomplish the above goals, the program matches a member of the community with a student and encourages periodic communication, interaction, and meetings. Examples of activities shared by hosts and students include: professional or college athletic events, holiday celebrations, religious experiences, outings with families, or dinners at home or a restaurant.


If you would like to participate in the AMU Host Family Club, fill out this form

Please email any questions to hfcamu@gmail.com


Simply fill out this form

Please email any questions to hfcamu@gmail.com