AMU Thanks Julie Cosden for her Years of Service to the University

After working for eleven years at Ave Maria University, Julie Cosden has resigned as Vice President of Student Affairs.  She will be moving to Dublin, Ireland this fall to work at Emmaus Centre, a retreat center for young adults.  There she will be directing the Centre and designing programs for young men and women pursuing personal growth.

“Julie Cosden has done all things supremely well at AMU since the time of her arrival in July 2005,”  said Jim Towey, President of Ave Maria University.  “She has served in a variety of capacities as residence hall director, admissions counselor, director of student and residence life, and since January 2014, as Vice President for Student Affairs.  In addition to her highly competent management, she has excelled by loving our students and giving her all for them.”

The time she has spent at the University contains so many memories and friendships, as well as time spent strengthening her faith in God.  When asked what she will miss the most about Ave, her answer was simple: the people.  “Some of my closest friends

Kim King, Vice President for Student Affairs

Kim King, Vice President for Student Affairs

in life are former students, or former employees, or current employees.”  She remembers feeling so welcomed when first arriving at Ave Maria, and that warmness and generosity has continued up until today.  Another facet of the University that she will miss is the variety of events.  Whether it was celebrating the Feast of the Annunciation on the quad, or watching the synchronized swimming competition at dorm wars ever year, where she states, “I’ve never laughed harder in my life,” there are an abundance of memories for her at Ave Maria.  Cosden will certainly be missed, and her departure is sure to be bittersweet for people all around the University.

Despite moving on, she thinks that the University has never been in a better position.


John Lamanna, Interim Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach

“I couldn’t be more optimistic about where we are right now, and even more so where we’re going.”  She admires the way the University has grown while maintaining a
strong Catholic identity.  Kim King, the current athletic director, will succeed Cosden as Vice President for Student Affairs.  Cosden hired King last year, and she thinks King is more than capable of handling the new position.  John Lamanna, the current men’s basketball coach, will become the interim athletic director, while keeping his coaching position.

September 9 will be Cosden’s final day at Ave Maria University.  “Over the last two years, I have felt a growing desire to move to Ireland and work with and for the Church there.”  When visiting Dublin, she noticed the Emmaus Centre was at a crossroads of what to do next.  Upon being offered the job, she accepted, feeling she can bring her skill and experience overseas.  Though God is calling her elsewhere, she says there will always be a part of her heart in Ave Maria.  And in a sense, things are not over for her with the University.  “I don’t see this as the end of my time and partnership with Ave Maria.  I just have a sense and desire to really stay involved with the University.”