Shakespeare in Performance

Shakespeare in Performance


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Shakespeare wrote some of the most profound works of the Western heritage. In this exciting program, you’ll bring those stories to life! Of course you will sharpen your acting talents and broaden your cultural knowledge. But you will also embrace what it means to be human through the power of drama.

Careers: Education, Theater, Writing, Music, Acting

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Once you pass your audition, you’ll get immersed in the art of script analysis, expression and movement, improv comedy, ensemble work and more! You and your fellow troupe of fellow actors, singers, musicians and dancers will present creative adaptations of some of the greatest dramas ever written.

light bulbFast Fact: Shakespeare in Performance may be taken more than once. Each time you’ll work on a different production!


Shakespeare in Performance

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Skills you will gain with

Shakespeare in Performance

  1. Performance – Refine your talents and put your skills in full display with training in voice, movement, dramaturgy and the art of acting as a gift of self.
  2. Self-expression – Learn to speak Shakespeare’s language with such skill, power, confidence and purpose that you’ll improve your self-expression in the real world.
  3. Anthropological knowledge – Humanity’s greatest poets express the deepest and most profound longings of the human heart. By studying drama, you learn how to connect with your fellow man in the past, present and future.
shakespeare in performance students dueling


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A look into

Shakespeare in Performance

Required courses (2 total)

  • HUMS 206/LITR 206 Shakespeare
  • HUMS 330/LITR 330/COMM 330/THEA 330 Shakespeare in Performance*

*Shakespeare in Performance may and should be taken more than once because the course stages different plays and offers new theatrical and production work to students each time. For the same reasons, Shakespeare in Performance is cross-listed in HUMS, LITR, COMM, and THEA and fulfills elective requirements towards the minor.

An audition is required to take the Shakespeare in Performance course and earn the minor.

Elective courses (4 total)

  • HUMS 415 Special Topics (e.g., Acting and Directing Shakespeare)
  • HUMS 330/THEA 330/COMM 330/THEA 330 Shakespeare in Performance
  • THEA 206 Fundamentals of Acting I
  • THEA 207 Fundamentals of Acting II
  • THEA 415 Special Topics (e.g., Clowning in Shakespeare)

Department Chair may approve other elective courses appropriate for the minor.

Amount: Varies

Duration: Up to 4 years as an undergraduate student


  • Declare and pursue the Shakespeare in Performance Minor.
  • Yearly renewal of the scholarship based on a performance evaluation by Dr. Travis Curtright.

 How to Apply:

  • Complete electronic Audition Form. This will be sent to you via e-mail after the receipt of this scholarship application. Required uploads include:
    • A 300 word statement of intent which explains your background and why joining SIP is the next step for you.
    • A headshot.
  • Complete an audition. The Audition Form will give you the option to schedule an in-person audition. If you are unable to audition in person, upload a 10-14 line monologue from a Shakespeare Play.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor, preferably one who can speak to your theatrical background. Directions for the submission of the letter of recommendation will be included in the Audition Form.
  • After review of the application form, you may be asked to submit a song audition. If so, someone will be in communication with you.

Apply now for the Shakespeare in Performance Scholarship

Visit the Shakespeare in Performance website here.

We are committed to sharing Shakespeare with the young; to producing live, creative adaptations of his plays; and to arts education as a transformative experience. Your gift may provide necessary elements of our productions, such as: costumes and props, photographers and videographers, musical instruments and makeup! Donations also sponsor our summer camp for high school students and support our free theater classes in Immokalee for young people interested in theater.

“Prove true, imagination, oh, prove true!” —Winter’s Tale.

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