Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies

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In this program, you will discover the stunning brilliance of the so-called ‘Dark Ages:’ an age that saw a flowering of human wisdom, the revival of forgotten treasures of the ancient world, and the birth of philosophies and institutions that became the foundations of western civilization for centuries to come.

Careers: Historian, Teacher, Lawyer, Writer, Graduate Studies

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The Medieval Studies program allows you a great deal of flexibility, with over a dozen electives to supplement your study. From history and the arts to political philosophy and the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, you have a variety of ways to immerse yourself in this fascinating period of history.

light bulbFast Fact: In Medieval Studies, you’ll explore the simple elegance of Gregorian Chant, which was nearly lost to history.

medieval studies minor medieval cathedral skills you will gain

Skills you will gain with

A Medieval Studies DEGREE

  1. Linguistics – In this minor, you’ll be required to achieve a basic proficiency and understanding of Latin to be able to read and comprehend unsimplified texts from patristic and medieval accounts. Students will also be expected to gain mastery of their own language to clearly and concisely communicate their ideas.
  2. Critical thinking – The philosophical aspects of this program will teach you to think critically, organize your thoughts, and express them clearly and confidently. This, in turn, will allow you to listen, properly understand and deconstruct complex concepts into simple ones.
  3. Historical perspective – It’s an indispensable tool in the study of history. You’ll develop the ability to read a source document or historical account with a critical eye and understand it in light of surrounding events, causes and consequences. That means you’ll appreciate history, not just as a collection of past events, but as a running account of human experience.
medieval studies minor medieval cathedral skills you will gain


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A look into the

Medieval Studies DEPARTMENT

Required Courses for the Minor (12 credits)

  • HIST 201 The Formation of Europe c. 800-1648
  • LATN 101 Elementary Latin
  • PHIL 305 Medieval Philosophy

12 Elective Credits, chosen from the following:

  • COMM 230 Rhetoric
  • HIST 362 The Crusades
  • HIST 375 The Viking World
  • MUSC 101 Gregorian Chant (1 credit)
  • MUSC 312 Survey of Western Music History
  • PHIL 403 Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 406 St. Augustine
  • PHIL 407 St. Thomas Aquinas
  • POLT 302 Catholic Political Thought
  • THEO 306 Catholic Spirituality
  • THEO 412 Mary, Mother of God
  • THEO 414 St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Any LITR special topics class which covers Medieval literature or author(s)

Other courses may be considered with the approval of the director, Dr. Mary Blanchard.

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The spiritual life on campus is the beating heart of Ave. Whether it’s attending Mass, receiving the sacraments, participating in retreats or getting spiritual direction, you’ll find the spiritual support you need from the priests and staff of Campus Ministry.

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With AMU’s core curriculum, you’ll not only achieve breadth of knowledge, but also depth of knowledge. You’ll encounter the truth about God and His creation more completely through the dynamic interplay of all of the liberal arts, including theology and natural science.

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