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With an online MBA degree from Ave Maria University, you will be ready to tackle business from a global view, with the AMU advantage of a Catholic perspective. Through faith-based, detailed instruction taught by professors with industry experience, you will acquire competency in both theoretical and practical approaches that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Careers: Business Operations Manager, Management Consultant, Marketing Manager

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Build real-world skills and benefit from amazing instructors and resources…all from your computer. Whether you want to advance your career in business, transition from a non-business occupation or launch your own entrepreneurial venture, our fully online MBA program will give you the experience in accounting, finance, marketing and business management to do so. Through it all, you will discover how business serves the needs of all stakeholders and how to incorporate your Catholic values into your career.

light bulbFast Fact: The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that management jobs will grow 9% over the next 10 years.

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Skills you will gain with


    1. Career preparation. Whether you want to work in Information Systems, Human Resources, Marketing, Construction or another field entirely, you’ll gain the tools necessary to succeed.
    2. Entrepreneurial capabilities. From your capstone project, you will learn the innovation mindset, how successful businesses start and how to avoid common pitfalls for any company.
    3. Business ethics. You’ll understand the importance of putting people over profits so that you can build trust in the workplace, gain awareness of the impact of business decisions on people and demonstrate respect for others in service of human advancement.
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The accounting major will offer you many professional opportunities such as becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); or working for a private firm (large or small) and perhaps becoming their Chief Financial Officer.  Every for profit and nonprofit organization needs accountants.  The accounting major will give you a strong background should you decide to go on to graduate school to earn a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public accountancy, or even a Doctorate.

Our students learn the basics in a way that is practical and oriented towards what is necessary to actually run a business.  Our students develop and sharpen their skills in communication and analysis, in working with others and working with numbers, in seeing the big picture and in drilling down to details.  Our students learn how to think – how to think better, more broadly, more flexibly – which is the best preparation for the changing world of business.

Our majors emphasize analytical thinking and tools: the intellectual equipment and critical skills needed to understand and excel in business and in most other human endeavors.  Ave Maria students have the unique fortune of building on a foundation of a liberal education, an education on the basic realities about God and the world, man and his relationship with God and nature.  Through our liberal arts curriculum, students learn that reality is coherent and intelligible and grow in the habit – in the essential business skill – of looking for patterns and seeing the sense in the apparent contradictions of the world that surrounds them.

The Business majors at Ave Maria aim to inspire students to become business leaders inspired by Christian ideals and governed by Christian ideas.  Relying on the Catholic faith lived intensely on campus and on the general intellectual formation of the Core Curriculum, what animates the program is the Catholic view of the human person, his nature, and his ultimate destiny.  The distinctive character of the program is its belief in the dignity of the human person, in the reality and importance of the common good, in subsidiarity and solidarity, in ownership as stewardship, and in responsibility for the environment.  Because students learn to value human beings for what they are, not for what utility they bring, they are able to serve the Church and their society loyally and generously.

  • Our alumni work in all areas of business: analysis, sales, consulting, management, logistics, accounting, information systems, sports, health care.  Many have gone on to graduate study in business, law, and other areas.
  • The Department of Business offers a Major and a Minor in Business Administration, a Major and a Minor in Accounting, a Major in Finance, and a Major in Global Affairs and International Business.
  • We have a close relationship with the Career Services Department.  Jointly we run a Corporate Internship program, through which students are placed in internships that are overseen by our faculty.
  • Our professors have multiple, advanced degrees in management, accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and law.
  • The top 20% of business juniors and seniors are qualified for membership in Sigma Beta Delta, the business honor society.

Typical Order of Required Courses for the Major:

  • ACCT 201 Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 202 Managerial Accounting
  • ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
  • FINC 201 Fundamentals of Finance
  • MKTG 200 Marketing
  • STAT 230 Applied Statistics
  • ACCT 300 Cost Accounting
  • ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUSN 303 Management and Ethics
  • BUSN 340 Business Law I
  • BUSN 368 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • ACCT 311 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 411 Auditing
  • ACCT 421 Federal Individual Taxation
  • BUSN 490 Strategic Management/Business Capstone

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam

The Accounting major prepares students to become Certified Public Accountants if they choose. In the State of Florida, to be permitted to take the CPA exam for the first time, a candidate must have successfully completed at least 120 semester hours of acceptable college credit as determined by the Florida Board of Accountancy, and must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent. Applicants for the examination must have completed 24 semester hours of upper division business courses, 24 semester hours of upper division accounting education courses that includes 3 semester hours of Business Law with coverage of contracts, torts and UCC. The State of Florida also requires an additional 30 hours of coursework (for a total of 150 hours) and one year of work experience under the supervision of a CPA in order to become licensed after completion of the CPA Exam. To view a full list of requirements for taking the Uniform CPA Exam in Florida, please view the Florida Board of Accountancy’s website.

Enrollment in upper-division accounting courses requires the declaration of the accounting major, the completion of 64 hours of college work with a minimum 2.5 GPA in major courses, and the completion of any course-specific prerequisites. All upper-division business courses have specific prerequisites.

Note: ACCT 201 and ACCT 202 are pre-requisites to all other ACCT courses. ACCT 300 must be taken before (or concurrently with) ACCT 302.

Faculty advisors assist B.A. students while they are completing their Core education and business courses. Students are assigned to the Business faculty for advising upon declaration of the major.

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Accounting majors are highly employable.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants says

“CPAs and potential CPAs have a variety of career paths from which to choose. Within public accounting, you can work for any sized firm, ranging from a large, international CPA firm to a small local accounting practice. Within the firm, you can work in such areas as audit, tax and management consulting.

The same holds true in business and industry, where you can choose careers in companies of all sizes, working in diverse areas such as financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, financial analysis and treasury/cash management.

Within government, you can create a path to success at either the federal, state or local level. Non-profit organizations and education also offer many diverse opportunities.”


Ave Maria University is fortunate to be connected to a strong, nationally-recognized network of business managers and CEOs who are looking for the skills and the virtues that characterize Ave Maria students.  We are very active in developing our students’ career potential, connecting them with suitable internships, and ensuring their success.


The Business Honor Society Sigma Beta Delta has a chapter at Ave Maria University, to which the top twenty percent of juniors and seniors are admitted.


Assistant Professor of Accounting

Education: B.A., Economics, Providence College; M.S., Accounting, University of Hartford; D.B.A., Accounting, Walden University
Office: Henkels 2051
Phone: (239) 280-2482



Education: B.S., Accounting, Bentley College; M.B.A, Finance, Columbia University Graduate School of Business; D.P.S., Finance & International Economics, Pace University
Office: Henkels 2020
Phone: (239) 304-7345

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Students in all majors have an on-campus resource for living their faith as they create value in the world and serve others. Members of the Entrepreneurial Initiative Center acquire life skills in the “science of association,” which includes project-creation, problem-solving, and collective action, all essential tools for leadership, prosperity and good citizenship.


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