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The Patrick F. Taylor Graduate Programs in Theology

The Patrick F. Taylor Graduate Programs in Theology challenge students to open their minds and hearts to Jesus Christ, who is Word of the Father and humanity’s one Teacher. To study Catholic theology on the graduate level is to “learn Christ” (Eph 4:20) in the company of the saints and scholars who over the millennia have contributed to the quest for holiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Guided by a highly qualified faculty, graduate students at Ave Maria University have the opportunity to read deeply in Sacred Scripture, the Church Fathers, Thomas Aquinas, and John Paul II. The Theology Department serves the university’s mission by offering graduate programs that are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and academically rigorous. Over against the fragmentation of theology in contemporary academia, our programs inculcate an appreciation for the unity of theological and philosophical wisdom and the coherence of the truths of the faith. They emphasize a contemplative pattern of study that grounds the student in the tradition of speculative wisdom, with its unified vision of God’s creative and redemptive plan. In accord with the university’s mission, the graduate programs respond to the needs of Church and society by educating the next generation of Catholic educators.

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