Message from the Department Chair

Message from the Department Chair

Social science in a university ought to be the arc which binds the arts and the sciences, the humanities and the physics, orienting all toward the common good of civil society.  Excellent social science is therefore highly integrative, and difficult to do well.  

Ave Maria University is the only school—Catholic or otherwise—where you can get this integral education in the social sciences by design.  We aim to train top-notch social scientists, without compromise on the side of science, without compromise on the side of social thought.  This means fully engaging with the Christian understanding of man and society, drawing upon philosophy, theology and the humanities broadly.  It also means an unrelenting commitment to the highest standards in social research.

Here’s a snapshot of this integrated social science education at Ave Maria: major in Politics, Economics, or Psychology.  Add the Family & Society Program.  Build on core courses in Literature, History, Politics, Philosophy and Theology. 

In his constitution on Catholic universities, Pope John Paul II challenged faculty and students "to unite existentially by intellectual effort two orders of reality that too frequently tend to be placed in opposition as though they were antithetical: the search for truth, and the certainty of already knowing the fount of truth.”  (John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesiae)  In the Family and Society Program we aim to do just this—every day, and in every class.


Dr. Catherine R. Pakaluk
Program Director, Family & Society Minor