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Recent News on the Catechetics Minor

To put it mildly, our Ave Maria University graduates (and those soon to graduate) are having a significant impact in various parts of the U.S. and beyond, especially in the areas of Catechetics, Youth Ministry, Christian Service, and Pro-Life Activities.

Here is a brief update on just a few of our faith-filled Ave Maria people who are having a positive impact.  Please be sure to email to Fr. Garrity additional information about Ave Maria graduates who are serving in fields that are closely related to Catechetics, which is the passing on of the Catholic Faith.  Here’s what’s happening, catechetically speaking.

  • Most recently, Megan Vilardi, who has served in Campus Ministry for two years and who facilitated a major On-Campus Retreat in late 2013, was hired by Holy Trinity Parish in Peachtree City, Georgia, as their new Youth Minister, for over 500 high school youth in a parish of some 2800 families.  Yay Megan!
  • Hunter Spyckaboer and his fiancée Michelle Schendel are serving in youth ministry at Ave Maria Oratory Parish in Ave Maria, Florida.  Way to go, getting “engaged” with the youth!
  • Jasmine Corriveaux assists at Ave Maria Oratory Parish in the area of involving youth in small group reflection, prayer, and activities.  Great job! 
  • Sarah Rider and Ronan Gannon are both involved in youth ministry in other parts of the country – more from them later, hopefully.  Blessings on our graduates!  

Thanks for dropping by.  More to come, so stay tuned.