Fast Facts

Fast Facts

The newly-founded physics major program at AMU emphasizes four themes.

1. Acquisition of the subject material:    We offer a challenging introduction to the scientific discipline of physics through rigorous sequences of courses and associated laboratories.  We provide individual attention to our students, which goes well beyond merely imparting information, and allows us to assist them in developing complex problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. 

2. Vocational variety:  Physics majors embark on a wide variety of post-baccalaureate careers.  AMU physics students have gone on to graduate programs in physics, software engineering, and statistics; to work in a high-tech industrial laboratory setting; to write actuarial exams; and to teach K-12 science.

3. Experiment:   The laboratory components of the physics major program are intended to introduce the essentials of scientific experimentation.  We take seriously the fact that physics is an empirical science. 

4. Research:  Program faculty members are active in scholarship and research.  We are committed to fostering an appreciation for research among physics students.  We also encourage interested and capable undergraduates to participate in faculty-led research activities.